A Dining Debacle

This weekend I am so exciting because Patrick and I are finally pulling the trigger on a couch and dining chairs.  (to explain- we have not had a couch since we moved in, and I am over the moon that we finally made a decision).  We are getting this Restoration Hardware sofa and it was well worth the wait.  Not only is it totally comfortable (we can both lay down at the same time and watch tv), but it looks good too.  

Next order of business are chairs for the dining room.  I am not sure if I told ya’ll, but Patrick is pretty amazingly talented and built us our very own farmhouse table. It looks pretty perfect for the space and for Christmas he got me two lucite arm chairs.  We went back and forth if we should go with all lucite, or mix and match.  I want my home to be liveable, and cozy but also to look good.  So we decided against all lucite.  So then I was thinking that I wanted white upholstered chairs, like in picture number one,  but I know that my sweet puppies will totally ruin them with their muddy paws, so here comes the debacle.  Do we go with white/cream slipcovers or go in a totally different direction?  I need all of the opinions I can get, so start sharing (pretty please and thank you!) 

xox- a dash of details 

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