6 Things- April


Wow! I cannot believe it is finally April (well, April 4th to be exact).  These first four days have been a whirlwind.  From Arizona to the National Championship (Rock Chalk! Still proud of my boys!) to our 4 year anniversary I have been one busy girl this month. Now that I am back you are probably wondering what my 6 Things I love are for this month.  Well, here they are: 

I am so excited to pack my all sweaters and coats away and hang up my flowy dresses and shorts, I love Easter (maybe because of the cute little bunny but really because I get to be with family), sometimes I love spring showers, but mostly I love the bright flowers they bring in May, of course my anniversary (It has been 4 great years!), April Fools Day- we joke that it should be my dad’s birthday but it is really on the 2nd of the month, and last but not least the biggest day at my job- The Home Opener! I like to say that is the official kick-off of Spring.  

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6 Things- March


There is something about March that I really love. The first smells of spring, people riding bikes and taking walks in the park, and opening day (I mean I do work in baseball..it’s the best day of the year!). 

The 6 things i love especially about March are vacations, the new and exciting launch of Mackenzie’s Design Darling Boutique, the colored jean trend, St. Patrick’s Day- green beer of course!, and the first day of spring.  

What are your fav things about March?

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6 Things- February

Happy Wednesday! And first day of February! If this month is anything like the day I had, it is going to be one crazy, hectic month.  An added thing I love about February is that today is my half birthday (I wouldn’t normally be excited but my sweet co-worker reminded me) 

A few things I love about this month are valentine’s day (of course), anything and everything pink, lots of love notes from P, super bowl treats (Camille styles has come up with super cute party ideas), the new spring collection at J Crew, and of course spring training (most of you probably just found out that I work in baseball).  

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6 Things- January

One of my resolutions in 2012 was to work on my Photoshop skills.  I have been slowly teaching myself by watching tutorials and reading blogs this past year and with the help of one of my graphic designer friends I have finally become comfortable with sharing some my progress.  Anywho… I decided that each month I would create a layout with 6 things I love about the month for 12 months. I hope you enjoy and watch my progress improve as the months go on.  

This month I am thankful for new beginnings, this 2012 Graphic Image planner (can’t wait to start filling it up), Party Arty (you can still get tickets here if you live in Kansas City), these Madewell socks for cold winter nights, Green Hunter Boots (I have been lusting over these for years now), and snowy days and nights (only for a short time though.. I’m a southern girl at heart) 

xox- a dash of details

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