The Campaign

Last night I was watching The Presidential Debate and I started to pin, pull, and find some pieces for our new place we will be moving into in a couple months (note.. we still have not found a place yet, which is starting to freak me out a bit)  Anyways, I remember when I was growing up my parents had a black lacquer campaign style dresser in their room.  It was such a great piece of furniture that got sold at some point because we thought it was outdated.  Little did we know, they are back and totally on trend. I have been searching on Craigslist to find one, but I haven’t come across one quite yet. 

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Little Details: A Jewelry Party

Last night I hosted a jewelry party at my place for one of my girlfriends.  She had fabulous baubles and bracelets and I literally wanted to buy everything on the table. The best part was that everything was under $50! Thankfully I only bought a bracelet and necklace, let’s just say my bank account thanked me later that night. In addition to the wonderful jewels, we had cucumber infused cocktails, lots wine and tiny treats. Hopefully we will do it again soon and would love for some of my “blog friends” to join! 

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A Little Painting

A little cloudy Sunday project I worked on when I was bored this past weekend. My inspiration for these paintings came from the extrememly talented Jen Ramos of Cocoa and Hearts. I blogged about her fabulous home and artwork a while back. 

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I Feel Pretty

Every once and a while I get in super girlie moods where I want to curl my hair and wear lipstick (if you know me, this doesn’t happen too often).  Well today was one of those days when I was getting ready and wished I had a super girlie vanity. Ya know, one of those with all of my makeup brushes and perfumes out on display. I am tired of going into my bathroom to grab all of my essentials for getting ready instead of having them in my room (this is laziness at its finest, folks). Plus, I would love to display my brushes and perfume rather than storing them in a makeup bag.

I am seriously thinking about re-arranging my room so I can fit this West Elm Parson’s Desk (shown in the first picture). Add a circle mirror and lucite chair and I will be set with the perfect spot to make myself feel pretty! Do any of you have a vanity in your room or bathroom? 

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That Lucky Pig

Don’t you just love this gold piggy bank? When I was little I used to collect those cute little banks.  I had pink ones, polka dot ones, and even a sterling silver one I got when I was born.  Anyways you get the point, I really like piggy banks. Lately, I was feeling like my bookshelf was misssing something and I think this gold Harry Allen Pig would be the perfect addition. It has been popping up on mantels, side tables, and desks all over the blogosphere and I think I have to have one too.  It would not only look super cute sitting on top of a few books, but it would also be a darling place to hang a few of my delicate necklaces. (And maybe I’ll put my leftover pennies in it).

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Feeling Brite

I don’t know what sparked my interest today but I was thinking about how much I used to love my Lite Brite when I was little. It got be thinking about how cool it would be to make a piece of art for my apartment.  I started looking and came across some pretty awesome pieces that I think I could turn into a DIY. I especially love this “delight” piece that was done on Design Sponge* and the Tory Burch Christmas window display by artist, Timothy Paul Meyers.  

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Illusion Bench

Yesterday I was flipping through the pages of my new Anthro catalogue in the store and came across this amazing plexi-glass bench.  It is not only modern and clean, but it would look great in a small space since visually it it clear.  I especially loved how they styled the bench with coffee table books inside. I was so excited and really wanted to order it right then and there until… I looked at the price.  It was over $1,000- a little out of my price range right now. Good news is that the girl at the register was telling me I could totally make it myself and that they were starting a window display using a similar design for under $100.  Since I haven’t had a DIY project to do in a while I decided this would be a great one to work on.  Wish me luck! 

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Light Bulbs

I always thought that one day I would move into a home and have a traditional chandelier over my dining room table.  Well, my taste has change quite a bit recently and I am obsessed with these light bulb fixtures.  They are clean, modern and look great in any room.  Maybe one day I will have a large farmhouse table with one of these fixtures above it.  

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The Chair

I have been looking for a new chair for my office for a long time. Right now I have a farmhouse chair I found at a garage sale that is not very comfortable.  I have been super picky because I didn’t want something bulky or that looked like the average “desk” chair.  Well I have been browsing Pinterest and I think I finally found the one.  Its the Eames Chair, super comfy yet modern in design.  I think they would also look great with a big farmhouse table like in the picture above.  

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New Years Eve Recap

At the last minute Patrick and I decided to throw a New Years Eve party with some close friends who were feeling the same way about going to a big party like us! We decided to play games and watch Dick Clark’s New Years Eve Special while laughing and drinking lots of wine and champagne.  It ended up being a great night with lots of laughs and was so simple to throw together in a couple of hours.  I got the idea for the cheese tray from here.  It was so cute and simple but looked great on the table.  I also made a few cake pops with some gold glitter for some extra pizzazz. There were a couple other great recipies I used to complete the table but all in all it was a success. 

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