There is something about cooler temps that turns me into such a homebody. A cozy blanket, J.Crew Saturday pants, slippers; this trifecta is my answer for the laziest of weekends. Don’t get me wrong, I try not to spend my entire day sitting on the couch, but there are just some days where you need it.  Football season has become my excuse, while the BF is totally focused on every game on both Saturday and Sunday, I have been Pinteresting, napping, and giving the pups lots of loving. I am actually one of those girls who enjoys watching football (that is, I like watching a game or two….NOT all day, but I guess these are the things you do for love).

I have been baking and cooking up a storm to get myself off of the sofa too. I cannot wait to try some recipes from my new cookbook from Lemonade LA, I have already tagged almost every page with a must try sticker.

If you follow along on Instagram, you may have noticed I started running (again).  I have never been a great runner, I chalk it up to weak ankles and low patients.  I used to get bored running on the treadmill and always found an excuse about running outside (too hot or too cold), but last week Patrick and I made a pack to start working out everyday.  I was hesitant to start running again, because I did not want to fail. I always set unrealistic goals that I could never meet which always ended in disappointment.  Last week, in order to conquer my own fear, we started out easy with a mile jog, then two miles, and then I did my first 5k in a long time. It kept getting better yesterday I beat my time and distance (an all time goal). As I get older, I am much more focused on my health and fitness.  Honestly, I grew up dancing at least 5 hours a day, so I never really felt the need to work out, but now I know how important it is for your sanity.  The feel of cool air in your lungs and the high you get from accomplishing your goals is something unexplainable for me. Hopefully one day soon I will have the passion for running like my friend Gaby. But for now I will just take baby steps.

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Monday, let’s try again tomorrow.  Sorry folks but I guess when I finally let myself rest this weekend, sickness snuck up on me.  I will be in bed with a box of kleenex, hot tea, and my pups today and hopefully I will be better tomorrow.  

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Monday, let’s try again tomorrow.  Sorry folks but I guess when I finally let myself rest this weekend, sickness snuck up on me.  I will be in bed with a box of kleenex, hot tea, and my pups today and hopefully I will be better tomorrow.  

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Talk about a slow week, I cannot believe it is only Wednesday- it feels like it should be Friday.  I think the reason for my feelings is that I am doing a cleanse to try to jump start some healthy eating around this neck of the woods, and I am totally craving a huge bowl of pasta (hence the pictures above).  I am a total carb girl at heart- you name it, I love it.  I have been wanting to go gluten free (for a lot of reasons) for over a year, but I can’t seem to get past the bread and pasta cravings.  So since I am not eating it this week, I just needed a little eye candy to make my mouth water.  Are any of y’all gluten free?  How did you get past those cravings for your favorite foods? I would love to hear if anyone has recommendations or suggestions! 

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One of my goals this year is to make dinner and lunch at home during the week in efforts to be healthier and maybe save a little money.  Living (kind of) alone has made trips to the grocery store a little more challenging since sometimes I feel like I cannot eat things fast enough before they go bad. So, in order to battle that, I just make a few more trips to the grocery store and try to buy less on each trip (note: this is not a great money saver, but I hate to waste food).  In the act of trying to eat healthy, non processed meals, I have been purchasing lots fresh fruits, veggies and herbs.  Sometimes I just have not been in the mood to use six different bowls, pans, utensils, etc. when I am just cooking for myself. So this is where the Simple Dinners stem from.  I  have a few up my sleeve that only use a cutting board, bowl, knife and fork but I would love any suggestions you have.  So in effort to document and hold myself accountable, once a week I will be posting a Simple Dinner “recipe” I made during the week. To kick off the series, I started with a easy Caprese salad.  Maybe the easiest dinner around with a total of 5 minutes prep, I was eating before 7:00pm (which never happens).  Enjoy! 

CAPRESE SALAD with Fresh Mozzarella


  • Utensils needed: Bowl, 
  • Half a container of Cherry Tomatoes
  • Pearl Mozzarella (this eliminates the time for slicing- and they are the perfect size-ratio for the cherry tomatoes)
  • Fresh Basil (I love fresh herbs, but you can always use dried)  
  • Pinch of Salt and Pepper  
  • Drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar over the top 


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Inside the Makeup Bag


Are you ever curious to know what is in someone else’s makeup bag? For starters I would definitely say I am not an expert at doing my makeup nor do I take a lot of time in the morning to make it look pretty.  I typically swipe some blush on my cheeks and put on mascara and call it a day.  I have always wanted to learn to become one of those people that uses eye shadow and lipstick everyday, but I just never have.  This past weekend I purchased this new travel makeup bag from H&M and I decided this would be a perfect opportunity to get a “sneak peek” into the products in my makeup bag.  I have been using these same products for years and am extremely loyal to NARS and Laura Mercier. Are there any must have products I need to try, I would love to hear any suggestions you may have!

1. Makeup Bag from H & M

2. Bliss Body Butter- Lemon and Sage 

3. Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer 

4. NARS Blush in Dolce Vita

5. Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder with SPF 15 in Natural Beige 

6. Makeup Brushes– in desperate need of an update to these from NARS 

7. NARS Bronzer Powder in Laguna 

8. Laura Mericer Secret Concealer 

9. Lollia Lotion in Breathe

10. Laura Mericer Secret Brightening Powder

11. Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Passion and Flame 

12. Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion 

13. Bobbi Brown Blush 

14. TweezerMan Slant Tweezers (similar here) 

15. Laura Mercier Truly Red Lip Stick 

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All About Hair

I have always had a love/hate relationship with my hair.  It is curly, but not in the good way like Kate Hudson’s in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.  Almost everyday I blow dry and straighten my hair even though my hair dresser tells me every time that I need to wear it natural and let my hair heal from all of the damage.  Tomorrow I am going in for a consult to get the new Aveda Smooth Infusion Straightening Treatment.  I am kind of nervous, but I think, well I know, I am going to love not having to blow dry my hair everyday. For right now, I have a few tired and true products that I swear by to keep my hair as healthy as possible.  

1. & 2. Frederick Fekkai Protein Rx Repairative Shampoo and Conditioner– This is great for damaged and dry hair and does wonders to make it shiny and voluminous.  

3. Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush– I have had this same type of brush since high school.  It is awesome to use to blow dry curly/ wavy hair.  

4. Moroccan Argan Oil Weightless Dry Oil – This is a new product I picked up at Ulta a couple months back and it has done wonders for my flyaways during humid Kansas City days.  

5. Bumble and Bumble Straight Serum–  The Straight serum is wonderful for unruly hair. You put it on before you blow dry and not only does it protect you hair from the heat but it smooths and straightens without weighing it down.  

6. Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion– This is a good alternative to the straight serum.  I get bored with using the same products everyday so I like to switch it up.  This product products from heat and damage.  

7. Moroccan Argan Oil Intense Moisturizing Treatment– This deep conditioner has been one of the best I have found.  It doesn’t leave your hair greasy and that is my number one thing I dislike about deep conditioners.    

8. CHI straightener– I do not know what I ever did without this.  Although it is probably damaging my hair one stroke at a time, I cannot help but love it.  

Are there any hair products you swear by? If so, I would love to hear about them, or any feedback about the straightening treatment. 

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The Carry-All

Everytime I go to the grocery store and fill my cart, I get to the checkout line and then remember that I forgot my reusable bags in the car.  Maybe because they aren’t very cute and subconciously I am forgetting them on purpose (sorry earth!) Well these carry-all’s from StudioPatro are just what I need.  They are so cute and made out of 100% linen which makes them super light and durable.  I think I need CARRY and GATHER for my weekly grocery store runs. 

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Under the Weather


I am feeling a little under the weather today and I think some delicious soup, a comfy sweater, and a warm blanket on the couch would maybe do the trick. 

1. jcrew cable-stitch sweater l 2. monogram water bottle  l 3. delicous soup l 4. comfy blankets l 5. Mad Men DVD set and the new J Crew catalog