This weekend I was catching up on some DVR recordings that have been filling up space and I decided to start watching the premiere of The Voice.  I never really was into the show until Patrick started making me watch it last year, so this year I decided to record the series.  Well, I am glad I did, there are some seriously amazing singers especially Judith Hill.  Growing up with musical parents, this “what I am guessing to be young/middle 30s” girl has some serious talent.  I mean not only just her voice but her musicality was unreal and something I have never heard before. I am sure she will go far on the show, but for now you can listen to her performance here.  

On another note: Happy Easter to all of you. I hope you had a fabulous day spent with family and friends and hopefully had a few chocolate eggs or Peeps (I really do not like those little chickens).  

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How can you resist a good suit and tie, and a little JT on a Sunday?  

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My boss gave me a few new songs to listen to this week, so I thought they would be perfect to share.  Kind of obsessed with all three albums and I listened to them all week at work.  Listen to the entire playlist here.

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Is anyone else excited for the Grammy’s tonight?  This is one of my favorite award shows because you get to listen to some of the most talented artists and the red carpet is usually full of out of control outfits, like Lady Gaga’s egg get up 2 years ago or Fergies “dress” last year.  Any who, I have always been surrounded by friends that I like to call music junkies.  They always know the “new” artists, years before they pop up on the radio.  Thankfully, they love to share their love of music with me. So, I thought it would be fun to share with you each week. Just a year ago, right when Fun. was blowing up a bunch of friends and I went to Middle of the Map Fest (they just released their lineup this week) where they headlined at the smallest venue they will probably ever play at again.  It was one of the best concerts I have ever been too and a completely surreal experience watching a group that has been around for a while, finally make it.  Who do you want to win Best New Artist tonight? I honestly cannot pick my favorite.  

Listen to the Best New Artist Nominees playlist here on Spotify 


Alambama Shakes


Hunter Hayes

Frank Ocean 

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album covers from Spotify

Some Nights

Most of you have heard of the band Fun. and there popular song We Are Young, either from Glee or this Chevy commercial.  Well, I am so excited because they are head lining Middle of the Map Fest in Kansas City on April 7th.  I have been listening to their entire album for the last month and every song is better than the previous. This music festival is similar to Austin’s famous South By Southwest, where over 100 bands will be performing in a number of different venues around Kansas City.  I can’t wait to hear some great local music and lots of collaborations that I am sure will pop up throughout the city.  

The song above is called Carry On– its on their album Some Nights 

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