36 Hours. Ever think if you had just 36 hours what you would do with your time. If you asked me right now at this very minute I would say sleep, read a good book and take a bubble bath (but that could be the lack of sleep talking from a long week) but most days I would say, let’s go somewhere we have never been before. I am a pretty adventurous person when it comes to trying new things or exploring new places, but I am also a total creature of habit when it comes to my daily life. Honestly, I have noticed it more and more as I get older. As I continue to dive into adulthood I realize I like my routine (and everyone in it) as boring as it may appear. So the reason I am even bringing up this topic is because of a song I heard last night. Long story short, the song talks about how there are so many special moments that are missed because you are stuck in the same routine. The song lyrics and his story stuck with me all day. So today and moving forward I want to embrace those little moments in the ordinary and maybe each special moment make everyday a new adventure.

xox- a dash of details
Photography by AB for A Dash of Details

Thanks for reading my ramblings today (:

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