Denim and Stripes. If you ask me, there is really nothing better than this combo. The classic styles are both in heavy rotation in my closet.  Honestly, you will most likely find me in some version of this outfit more than once a week. :)

One of the biggest denim trends this season is the uneven hem.  For someone who is petite (5’2″ to be exact), it is so hard to find crop jeans that actually fit above the ankle.  Instead of spending $$$ on a pair of denim that might not work, I partnered with Old Navy for a little DIY denim project.

Keep reading to find out how to create the uneven hem denim look for under $50.


Stripe TopOriginal Skinny Jean / Sandals (found in-store at Old Navy) / Clutch / Sunglasses / Bracelet

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How To Create An Uneven Hem

Step 1: Order a pair of Original Skinny Jeans from Old Navy.  Mine are the Acadia color style.

Step 2: Try the denim on and take a pencil to make a small mark right above the ankle.

Step 3: Remove the jeans and lay on a large flat surface.

Step 4:  Take a ruler and draw a straight line across the front side of the jeans where you made the pencil mark.

Step 5: Fold jeans in half. Make sure to line up the bottom hems together when folding. This will help with making both legs even.

Step 6: Create an incision on the front side hem next to the seam until you hit the line.  Make sure to cut on the front side of the seam, as close to the actual seam as possible.  Then, use your line as a guide to cut a straight line across.  After you have made it all the way to the other side seam, do the same down the opposite seam. (Make sense so far? Good!)

Step 7: Take the ruler and draw an identical line on the other pant leg.  Follow the same steps as number 6 on the opposite leg.

Step 8: After the front side of the denim is finished, measure how much you want to cut off the backside.  I cut about an inch off of mine to give you a reference. You want the lower hem to be just below the ankle. Draw a line with a ruler again and cut across.

Step 9:  Try them on and make sure the length of both hems is to your liking.  Once you get the length correct, it is time to fray the hem. (My favorite part!) Take a foot file (I know this seems odd, but the little blade does wonders on the denim).  Grab the hem and start rubbing it back and forth until the jeans fray to your liking.  After this process, throw them in the dryer on a refresh cycle.  This will allow for a little extra fraying and those un-perfect threads.

Step 10: Enjoy your perfect uneven hem denim!

In just 10 easy steps you can have a pair of uneven denim of your own.  The process takes about 10 minutes and it is pretty fool proof! These $30 jeans just got a major upgrade!

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Thanks to Old Navy for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 

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