DIY Love Notes- Valentine's Day Style


Every year I try and come up with creative valentine’s gifts for P and this year we decided to make something handmade instead of buying presents.  Two years ago, when I was abroad in Italy, he sent me 14 love notes to open everyday until Valentine’s Day (I know what your thinking… so romantic) He is really great at gift giving and I always try to step up my game every year.  I saw these cute handmade cards on Cupcakes and Cashmere and had the idea to do the same.  I can’t tell you what I am going to do with them or else it would spoil the surprise.  Until Valentine’s Day…. 

I found this tutorial on fake calligraphy here and also Mackenzie from Design Darling made a few of her own.

xox- a dash of details

images via cannon t3i 

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