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Note: This post is a little out of the ordinary. 

During my time at home I had a lot of time to reflect, relax and realize how lucky I have been these last twenty-three years.  This could have something to do with my birthday being right around the corner or maybe finally have a moment to collect my thoughts after a very busy July.  Sometimes I am guilty of taking moments for granted. When I talk about moments, I mean just being present. Lately, I have been caught up in the little things and forget about the big picture.  Granted, I am only 23 (well at least for 2 more days) and I have so much to learn and time to grow but sometimes I feel so much older.  I find myself planning what is going to happen in the future (near and far) and lose sight of all of the wonderful things that are happening right now, in this very moment.  I am sure this is something many people struggle with but my new goal for myself is to focus on the present and the special moments that are happening all around me and the future will work itself out along the way.  But I will never forget to dream big. The goals I have for myself sometimes feel so unattainable, until they happen.  

It is funny to think that one of my goals two years ago was to start a blog, so I could learn and practice using Photoshop, InDesign and Illustator and through time it has become so much more than I have ever dreamed or imagined.  This blog has opened up opportunities I never thought existed. I am so fortunate to have made such wonderful connections and have met amazing people, I can honestly call friends.  As my blogging journey continues, I want to say thank you for the bottom of my heart to all of you for continuing to read, look, and get inspired by my view of life’s little details.  If it was not for all you, I think I may have stopped following some of my dreams a long time ago.  

xox- a dash of details

image via wendy’s lookbook, design by Ali of A Dash of Details

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