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 A fresh start, a clean slate, an empty dream board; call it what you want but this week is the beginning of a new 365 days to reach for the stars. Ready or not, it’s 2018 and the start of what is going to be a great year!

MLM Tank (similar) / Frame Denim / Earrings (c/o) / Sunglasses / Sandals

Before setting my intentions for the New Year, I decided to look back for a brief moment on last year. I reflected on what has changed, what has stayed the same, and what I want to do differently in the upcoming year.  One of the best things about having this blog is to be able to look back and track my growth throughout the year. The year started off with a fairly new job, some speed bumps and a few winter trips to Colorado. March and April were packed with unforgettable trips to Hawaii and Charleston (for Mackenzie’s bachelorette). In June, we took a trip to New York for the Veuve Clicquot Classic with Amy and Mackenzie(seeing Nicole Kidman was definitely a highlight!).  The summer was definitely the high point of the year, being able to spend a little over two months on Nantucket with Mackenzie and her family was a once in a lifetime experience.  Not only did I grow personally, but I really found my groove creatively in these months.  Something about stepping outside of my normal routine and spending time outdoors allowed my creative mind to blossom.

The Fall was all about re-setting. We spent the majority of September and October in Dallas getting back to a normal routine. Working out, spending long hours at my desk, and exploring our city. This was the first time in four years that we spent every weekend at home. It was just what I needed.

Honestly, the end of the year was a complete blur. I still need a little time to process what happened in these short months, but I felt like I was on overdrive. I decided to set a new morning routine, workout plans and work schedule to make the transition easier in the new year. As long as I have been working at home I have never set a schedule for myself. It is amazing how effective you can be when you carve out time for specific tasks––more to come on this topic.

I have never been more ready to hop into a new year than this one. We have big plans for our family this year and I am more excited than ever to bring you along on the journey.  Personally, I set intentions––not goals, so I am not disappointed in myself if my goals aren’t reached. However, there are a few milestones that I wanted to share from this past year! Sometimes I feel like it is frowned upon to not celebrate your accomplishments. Well, this year I decided I am celebrating all the good moments and would love to hear some of the goals you met in 2017! Leave a comment below.

Hit 20k on Instagram

Worked out at least three times a week

Switched to an all natural skincare regimen

Cleaned out my closet and donated ten bags to the women’s shelter

Traveled to 16 different cities

Decluttered our home, Kon Mari style

Spent a summer in a different state

Worked with some amazing brands, including The Four Seasons, LOFT, Everlane, Aerin, La Mer, and more…

Lovers Beach Cabo San Lucas Sunset in Cabo San Lucas

I want to thank you all (new and old readers) for following along this year! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be able to do what I love everyday.  For the last seven years I have been so fortunate to have a space to be creative, grow, both personally and professionally and meet and connect with amazing people, like you!

Let’s do this, 2018!


xox- a dash of details

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  1. Jen Kessler
    Jen Kessler says:

    I have worked from home for two years and I just I finally made a spreadsheet for my weekly schedule! haha! I’m hoping it brings me less stress and more purpose to my days! :)

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