Freshen Up

I have been wanting to start a juice cleanse for a while now but I don’t think I can just drink liquids for five days straight.  My sweet roomie got me this juicer attachment to go on my KitchenAid for Christmas, so i decided to start making fresh juice every morning to start the day off right. My grandma always told the saying “Fruit till Noon.” She says that it helps with digestion, healthy eating habits, and gives your body more energy throughout the day.  So I finally decided to take her advice this year and hopefully I see some positive effects.  

Here is a great article about the positive effects of juicing from Raw Living Foods

Ten Reasons to Juice

1. Cleansing and Alkalizing

2. Enzymes

3. Nutrients, vitamins, and minerals

4. Easier to digest and absorb

5. Easier to consume

6. True hydration

7. Antioxidants

8. Delivers oxygen to your cells

9. Disease prevention

10. Calming

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