Gift Guide For Him

We all know the men in our life can be tricky to shop for, so today I enlisted my husband to created his ultimate wish list. What you probably do not know is that he loves to online shop (but never in the store). He is the best at doing his research and finding new-to-me brands.  It is always fun when I see a brand he has been wearing for years on my favorite retailer’s sites.  One of these brands is Mizzen and Main.  These dress shirts are machine washable and made of dry fit material.  So cool, right?


Graham Briefcase / Chill Sweatshirt / Bluetooth Headphones / Shinola Watch / Nike Flyknit ‘Roshe Run’ Sneakers / Moscot Sunglasses / Quilted Gloves / American Flag Hat / Mizzen and Main Shirt / Wireless Speaker / Hook and Albert Travel Bag / Vince Chelsea Boot 

Monogrammed Briefcase: Depending on your job, a briefcase can say a lot about you and first impressions are important.  If your guy is new to the workforce, a nice briefcase is a great gift.  I love this, this and this.

CHILL SWEATSHIRT: Graphic sweatshirts are fun, especially for the weekends.  I also love this one from J.Crew.

Noise Cancelling Headphones: If you guy travels for work like mine does, noise cancelling headphones are a must. These ones are great too and under $200!

SHINOLA WATCH: If you are looking for a classic, timeless gift; this is it.

Nike Sneakers: One of my favorite gifts to give is a pair of new sneakers. It doesn’t hurt if they are cool like these, too.

Moscot Sunglasses: Because you can never go wrong with a pair of sunnies.

Quilted Gloves: For any of you cold weather friends, these are so cool and under $100.

Needlepoint Hat: America, enough said.

Mizzen and Main Shirt: It was so hard to choose my favorite pattern.

Wireless Speaker: This is one of those gifts that can be for you too! I love blasting music around the house and this speaker is perfect for dance parties.

Hook and Albert Travel Bag: If you are looking for one special gift this year, this is it! This travel bag is also a hanging bag.  Patrick’s parents bought it for him last Christmas and it has been one of his most used items to date!

Vince Chelsea Boots: Because your guy can always use another pair of shoes.

Have you started your holiday shopping? I would love to hear what you bought the men in your life!

xox- a dash of details