One of my favorite holiday memories was waking up on Christmas morning to my stocking filled to the brim. Santa always knew how to make me feel extra special ;)

No. 1 Cozy Socks

No. 2 Blue Clay Mask

No. 3 Nail Polish Set 

No. 4 Cashmere Gloves

No. 5 Coin Purse

No. 6 Hanky Panky Set

No. 7 Hair Ties

No. 8 BKR Water Bottle

No. 9 Parfum Roller

No. 10 Silk Eye Mask

No. 11 Wireless Headphones

No. 12 Mini Candle Set

It has always been my mom’s favorite part of gifting because she always finds the most thoughtful gifts to fit inside that little stocking.  She opted out of filling my stocking with the typical candy and chocolate. Little known fact about me, I don’t really like candy or chocolate. So, instead she would fill my stocking with nail polish, gift cards, and chapstick.

To carry on my mom’s tradition, I now fill her stocking with a fun beauty products and her favorite candy, Hot Tamales. ;) I am filling the pups with some new toys and treats, and Patrick’s with this, this and this.  If you need stocking stuffer ideas for him, here are a few of my favorites: this speaker, these headphones, and these pocket squares.

xox- a dash of details

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