Ground Running

So remember last week when I said I was going to be back last week… well, things have turned out slightly different than planned.

Let me start by telling ya’ll how greatful I am for all of the exciting changes that have been going on, but it has caused me to neglect A Dash of Details for the last week and I miss blogging everyday  All trivial things, but moving while having a full time job, finding furniture for an entire home, packing up, and getting ready to leave for Thanksgiving to a place without phone or internet service, has been slightly overwhelming.  Of course, all of these are good things and I honestly cannot (or shouldn’t) complain because I am so lucky and thankful for all of the great things that have been happening in my life. So bear with me for the next week and I promise there are lots of exciting changes and new topics that will be popping up on the blog.  

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” 
― Andy Warhol

xox- a dash of details 

image via Refinery 29

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