Do you ever feel like the handwriting is almost a lost talent now- a- days? I know I sound like some old grandma complaining about a progressive movement, but I still think there is nothing better than getting a hand written letter in the mail rather than just an email. Or even just a note left on your desk while you are away and not just an email that says, “Come find me when you back.”I remember when I was growing up my best friend and I used to have contests to figure out who had the best, most unique handwriting. Naturally this was really before we started using texts and email to correspond instead of writing notes back and forth between classes.

Your handwriting is one of those unique traits that no one can replicate exactly (well, I guess if you are a pro like in the show White Collar- oh and I am probably the only one in the world who watches the USA Network). But any who, you are probably thinking to yourself, why do I care…well the artist Craig Oldham created The Hand Written Letter Project in 2007 and I think it is pretty genius.

Here is a little blurb about why the HWLP was created:

“The HAND.WRITTEN.LETTER.PROJECT was after a conversation about how personal a letter can be:
a fact that is currently drowning in a tide of depersonalisation, with junk mail and automated correspondence…

But the project offers much more than that voyeuristic insight into the creative minds of those we revere, more that it represents a visual narrative on the cultural transition in which we find ourselves. A transition on which your thoughts you are welcome to share, where all you have to do is to pick up that pen…

Yours faithfully,Craig Oldham“.

Side Note: After I wrote this post I felt a little backwards because I was writing my thoughts about the lost love of handwriting and at the same time, I am typing the post on the computer….

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images via thwlp

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  1. Katie
    Katie says:

    This book looks incredible. I love writing letters and sending notes; it is sad that it is a disappearing behavior. I can't wait to check this out further; thanks so much for sharing.

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