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We had a 9 hour road trip ahead of us to finish out one of the most memorable years of our lives. The first hour of the trip, I sat in silence looking out and thinking about all that had happened in 2015. It was a good year. A year of travel, a year of love and commitment and a year of learning about myself. As I reflect on the year, I realize this was the year of the highest highs.  Of course nothing in life is perfect, but 2015 sure felt like a good year.

As our trip went on, I thought about how the year started.  Let me tell you it started off in a great way. Not only did I already have our wedding in April to look forward to, kicking off the first week in New York City, but it was the first week of January that I was informed I would become a Style Me Pretty contributor.  It has always been a dream of mine to create content for a large online site/magazine.  Throughout the first part of the year I was able to be creative, work with an amazing photographer, and meet so many wonderful people.

There is something about the open road that allows your mind to wander to wonderful places.  Patrick and I took 4 long road trips and 30 or so flights in 2015. I have to say, the road trips are when we learned the most about each other.  I sat in the front seat, he drove and our pups cuddled up in the back.  We chose music based on our mood, listened to books on tape and talked about the future and how we plan to get there.  I always had an idea of what my life was going to look like when I was younger, and the older I get the idea gets more blurred.  I never would have imagined moving 3 times in our 20s, but those changes have helped us realized how lucky we are to start putting down roots in Dallas.  We know what we want (right) now, what’s important to us and where we want to go (or at least for the time being).

About hour 4 I started looking at our wedding photos on my phone.  It was no question that our wedding week and honeymoon were the highlights of 2015. It felt like a dream and everything I had ever dreamed of came true (you can read about the day/details here).  We arrived early in Scottsdale to finish the last minute planning. Well I did the planning, while Patrick played golf ;) We ended up just relaxing with our favorite people for a few days before the weekend.  I could never replace those days where both sides of our family sat by the pool, learned about each others lives and told stories of Patrick and I’s relationship.  We were so lucky to have 4 generations of family all together.

Other highlights of my year included a trip to Sag Harbor, exploring Nashville and almost missing our flight (oops), a surprise birthday trip to West Palm Beach, my first overnight camping experience for Gentlemen of the Road, hiking in Vail only to find an amazing lake at the top, NYFW with my amazing tour guide, Mackenzie, my first ever sailing trip in Nantucket, visiting New York 5 times in one year, celebrating our 2 year engagement anniversary in the place where I said yes, and ending out the year with 2 of our best friends at their new home in the mountains.

At any given time this year we were taking spontaneous weekend trips. It taught me to go with the flow and pack light.  We hope this year will be no different, and hopefully take a few exciting planned trips too!

As we approached the 8 hour mark, I started to feel the excitement of getting home and starting the new year.  While I really never make resolutions for the year, I do have a few things I want to focus on in 2016. Stay tuned…

Happy New Year!

xox- a dash of details

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