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I love holiday shopping. During this year I get all giddy about the idea of searching for a parking spot (maybe my least favorite part) and heading into the madness.  I actually do most of my Christmas shopping online, but I love roaming through the stores to find those hidden gems! My mom always tells me I have a hidden talent for finding those most desired items- oh and that I have expensive taste (oops).

I always try and look cute while still being comfortable when trekking around the mall.  I have a few key go-to tricks when it comes to my outfit for shopping until I drop.

1. Wear comfortable shoes. And that are also easy to take off.  My Rag and Bone booties are my favorite during the winter because I can walk all day without wanting to rip them off my feet that night.

2. Avoid Layers. This may be easier in Texas, but in cold areas, wear a button down blouse and a jacket or try just one layer. They tend to crank up the heat in the malls and with all of the people you can easily overheat and get frustrated.

3. Carry a small purse. After you have collected a few bags, the last thing you want is to carry another heavy bag. Just bring the essentials. Wallet, chapstick and your iPhone.

4. One for you, one for them. This is a great rule of thumb, because it is more fun that way! :)

* If you hate the crowds be sure to check out my Gift Guide for ideas for everyone in your life.


xox- a dash of details

photography by Merritt Beck

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