Framebridge Wedding ShopThis is my favorite picture from our wedding. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, it’s not a professional shot from the day or night, it’s a blurry black and white iPhone picture. But this photo is everything to me. It was 1:30am, pouring rain and I was on cloud 9.

Logan Frame from the new Wedding Shop / Candle / Matches / Tray (vintage) / Bedding / Earrings 

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EVine Valentine's Day

Like I said in yesterday’s post (be sure to enter the giveaway!), some of my favorite Valentine’s Day memories have been super low key. One of my favorite activities to unwind since moving into our new house has been to take baths.  The bathroom was redone before we moved in, which meant a brand new bath tub. Let me be honest for a second, I was always weirded/grossed out by taking a bath in any of my previous rental houses, so I haven’t enjoyed a soak since living with my parents. Anyone else?! Please say you feel the same so I know I am not crazy. ;)


Beekman 1802 Bath Salts / Soaps for Him / Soaps for Her / Diptyque Candle

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When it comes to setting the table for Thanksgiving, my advice is to let the food speak for itself.

This year I am not hosting the big event, but we are having a few friends over for a simple and low key Friendsgiving.  There is nothing I love more than hosting friends for this iconic meal (see last year’s set-up). This year my moto is KISS (keep it simple, stupid).  We are covering the table in a gauzy tablecloth, pears, a few candles, and some rustic cutting boards. See my inspiration for our Friendsgiving table:


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Acrylic Barcart

I had been on the hunt for the perfect bar cart for years now.  I wanted an acrylic one to match our ghost chairs at our kitchen table. When I was ready to pull the trigger last year, the acrylic bar cart was sold out EVERYWHERE.  I searched high and low for the affordable bar cart (I had a hard time spending $800+ on a decor item) but I can out empty handed. When Hayneedle.com reached out to pick out a piece from their collection, I immediately searched their extensive bar cart selection. To my surprise, I found the one I had been searching for for the last year.

shopHayneedle.com Barcart (c/o) / Margarita Glasses (c/o) / Pineapple Jars / Candle / Pineapple shot glasses

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We have been in our house for a little over 6 months and we finally started thinking about designing the home office.  Other than two Ikea desks and my computer, our office is lacking any sort of inspiration or design. The space is pretty large with great natural light, so we are thinking about the best ways to fill the space.  Here are a few offices that are giving me heart eyes.


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Consol Table Decor

There are many theories on why paper is the traditional gift for a couples’ first anniversary.  One theory being that paper is a blank slate, so you can write your story together.  Another being that paper symbolizes the future you can write together.  When I was thinking of a first wedding anniversary gift for Patrick, I had the perfect one for the two of us.

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Home updates, you ask?

Many of you have been emailing and asking why I haven’t posted pictures of our new house in Dallas yet. To be honest, its not finished and not really a work in progress either.  You see, when we moved to Dallas we rented a house because of the quickness of our move. Don’t get me wrong I actually love renting, I love our house and the neighborhood we live in but honestly I have zero motivation when it comes to buying or designing any pieces for this place.  With the idea of buying our first home in the back of my mind, I decided I would rather save my money than fill this space with pieces that fit right now. Thankfully, all of our furniture from our Kansas City abode (see our home tour here) fit perfectly into the new space; that is with the exception of our extremely tiny closet we now share.  Let’s just say that is not the only thing I miss from that awesome house.

It’s been a little less than a year since we moved down to Dallas and of course I am starting to get the itch to change things up a bit, but a little birdy keeps telling me just to wait a little longer.  Instead of buying big pieces that might not make sense in our next house, I decided to switch up the sofa pillows, add some lamps, and swap out our old bedding for a new linen duvet (thanks to Patrick’s siblings for the wedding gift!).So hold tight because it’s just a matter of time before I start talking interiors again :)

xox- a dash of details



AbsoultWarhol_33_1AbsoultWarhol_13 AbsoultWarhol_16 AbsoultWarhol_5 AbsoultWarhol_6 AbsoultWarhol_15 AbsoultWarhol_19 AbsoultWarhol_31 AbsoultWarhol_30 AbsoultWarhol_27 AbsoultWarhol_25 AbsoultWarhol_24 AbsoultWarhol_22 AbsoultWarhol_20

This is my favorite time of the year because I love any reason to entertain and the holidays are seriously the perfect excuse to throw a dinner party. Dinner parties are my jam, especially one’s with good friends and delicious cocktails.  During the holidays I love to have festive drinks for my guests when they walk through the door.  We love to keep it casual when it comes to hosting at our house.  Patrick normally throws something amazing on the grill and I whip up the sides, salads, and a few hors d’oeuvres to start the night. I never met a cheese plate I didn’t like.  Recently I picked up this marble board that is perfect for a large spread of different starters for everyone to enjoy.

One of our must-haves during the holidays is having a fully stocked bar.  (You know everyone is in need of a cocktail or two during the hustle and bustle of December). I love to take our entry table and turn it into an accessible spot for everyone to serve themselves.  I try to make sure everyone feels at home when they walk through the door, so making sure everything easy is key. Thanks to Absolut, our bar got a little POP of color this year with their limited edition Andy Warhol bottle.

My favorite holiday cocktail reciepe is a Winter Sea Breeze

1 part Absolut Vodka

1 part Grapefruit Juice

Fill the rest with champagne or prosecco

Garnish with fresh cranberries and thyme to add a festive flare!

xox- a dash of details

Thank you to Absolut for sponsoring this post!


Pink_Umbrellas_Vintage_4 Four_Umbrellas_4 Rimini_Orange_Umbrellas_4 GETAWAY_BALLOONS_4

We are coming to visit!

The first thing that goes through my mind when I hear those words are, oh my goodness I am so excited we have guests, but we have no bed!  Moving to Dallas means friends and family will be coming to stay with us on a regular basis. However, this is going to be a slight issue considering our guest room has been taken over by the dogs and their toys. Read: we have no furniture in that room other than a dresser (filled with my clothes…oops).  In the next couple weeks, we have a few visitors staying over and I am in a rush to finish (well, start) our guest room.

Starting with a blank slate can be fun, but it is going to be even more fun because I came across these amazing photographs from Gray Malin.  You guys know I am a huge fan of his work, so when I came across these photographs  on his new website, I know I wanted to make our extra room a getaway for all of our guests. Think white linen bedding, natural headboard, fun, bright pillows and these photographs hanging on the walls.

If these images are not enough to make you want to redecorate, if you find something you like today they are offering free framing for all sizes. So I may not have a bed, but at least the walls will look great!

xox- a dash of details

photography courtesy of Gray Malin


Today I was missing our old house in Kansas City. It was the first time a place was completely mine, well ours (: so I decided to share some of my favorite things from our old living room. 

One of my favorite things about our old place was the living room because was so open and full of light. The room stated as one big white (cream) blank slate. Neither of us owned any furniture, so it was so fun to pick pieces out together that we knew we were worth the investment. * A little funny side note about that, all of this is in a fun storage unit.

My favortie part about furnishing our place was picking out art. Obviously, just starting out (with absolutely nothing) we could not afford to spend bucko-bucks on artwork, but I knew I wanted something original and quirky. Insert= the American Buffalo. The room was starting to feel a little girly, so the print added a little masculine touch. When I ordered the Buffalo from Sharon Montrose’s Animal Print Shop, she sent us this darling little giraffe print, too and naturally I have to put it in a frame. 

While I am not missing my girlie, Zoey, this picture was just too cute to leave out.  She is just such a ham.

Shop Sharon Montrose’s collection from The Animal Print Shop, also the navy and white pillow is from the amazing and talented, Rebecca Atwood!

xox- a dash of details

photography taken by AB for A Dash of Details