January Details


January Details

And suddenly you know…it’s time to start something new and trust in the magic of new beginnings- Meister Eckhart

Here we are: the start of a new beginning, a new year, the first chapter of 2019.

As we finished the last sentence of 2018 and it feels like the beginning of something new. This year is all about living in the moment, not making any plans, and saying ‘yes’––only to the things that bring joy.

The last few weeks I took some time to reflect on the last year. I realized my intentions I set for myself last year were all habit changing. Whether that was drinking more water, cleaning up my beauty routine, or getting into the best shape of my life; these goals I set for myself have carried through the entire year and ultimately changed my life. I think intentional was my word of the year without ever defining it. I made so many intentional changes in 2018 that allowed space for amazing personal change. As we start the new year, I am continuing these good habits I formed last year and adding something a little bit more intangible to the list; just be.

Let me explain, the end of 2018 was less than perfect and I found myself floating from day to day. You know, that feeling like you are just getting by. I was frequently finding myself looking forward to what’s next until something clicked. This year I want to relish in the present and find happiness in the now. I am going to live in the moment, wake up happy, and just be.

(well, of course, eat healthy, work out, you know…the usual January reset ;))


A little home refresh. Adding some personal touches and things that bring me joy.

Ease back into cooking and try a few simple, clean recipes.

Evaluate my closet and personal style. More to come on this.

Finally sign up for tennis lessons.

Continue to practice my photography. I found so much happiness last year behind the lens.

A weekend trip to Charleston with some of my favorite gals. 

Get back into yoga (I just signed up for a week and boy does it feel good to be back.)

Host a casual dinner party and work on my floral arranging.

Find happiness in everything. 

I would love to hear some of your intentions for the year or if you have any ideas for what you want to see this year on A Dash of Details. Is there anything you want to see more/less of this year? I am all ears!

2019, I have a feeling you’re going to be a good one.

xox- a dash of details

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  1. Tricia
    Tricia says:

    Oh, I love this. My December felt similar and I’m working hard on changing my perspective (rather than just habits) in the next few months. It feels like winter’s the perfect time for stillness, and I’m trying to lean into that a bit more.

      ALI LEIGH says:

      I love that idea about changing perspective! Keep me posted on how everything goes this month. xx-Ali

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