This marks the shortest two work weeks I have ever had in the time I have worked at my current job.  San Fran last week and now I am heading back out west for my cousin’s wedding in San Diego on Wednesday. So these next two days are going to be pretty busy. I could not be more excited for some beach weather and hoping for a tan.  To make this past week even better, Patrick surprised me with a visit home.  It was such a great weekend filled with barbecue (Okie Joes of course- if you have never heard of it check out this article here), walks with the pups, and a little retail therapy on Sunday.  

Patrick picked up his first pair of Baldwin denim (oh and he has these and these too) at Standard. I really wanted these sandals, but decided to put it on my wish list for now.  I ended up with this perfect summer scarf and a new white v-neck from J Crew. We also had fun trying on Patrick’s 5 pairs/5 days from Warby Parker.  I don’t wear glasses but I sure did have fun trying on each pair.  I think he decided on the Ainsworth and I think I need the Downing (sunglasses)

Today, I am starting the day off right.  Since I have to be in a bathing suit in two days I decided to focus on eating healthy for the next two days and work my butt off at Fusion. I stopped at Whole Foods and totally jumped on the Suja bandwagon.  Although it is pricey, it is the first juice I have actually enjoyed drinking.  The Glow is my favorite for the morning and the Vanilla Cloud is a perfect replacement for dessert.  I am a total rookie when it comes to juice cleanses.  Have any of you had good experiences with juice cleanses? Are there ones that are better than others?  I would love to hear, so spill your juice secrets!

xox- a dash of details

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  1. A Dash of Details
    A Dash of Details says:

    Hi Alyssa- I bought them from Amazon, LexMod Philippe Starck Style Louis Ghost Chair- I think this was the brand. Hope this helps! We love them at our table with the other upholstered chairs and they are actually really comfortable.
    xox- Ali


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