So I know this is not exactly as of late, but I have been wanting to share a few shots from behind the scenes of a little video shoot I was a part of in Atlantic Beach with some seriously talented bloggers, Devon, Natalie, Hallie and Mel for Sauza Tequila and Back in June, I headed up to New York for a quick trip that ended up being an experience I will never forget It was such a blast meeting some of my new BFF4L, and being a part of something really special.  The entire staff was fabulous and since this was my first time really being in front of the camera (for a really long time), everyone made us feel like movie stars for the day/night.  After almost 12 hours of shooting we wrapped with Hallie making a big splash into the pool. Stay tuned to see the entire video!

Natalie, Hallie and Mel did some really cute recaps too! Check ’em out. 

xox- a dash of details

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