New York Memories

And our love story continues…

It was in New York where we fell in love again. Not that we ever fell out of love, but there was something magical that happened this weekend.  Maybe it was the crisp, cold air, holding hands through the park, or those long meals filled with so much happiness. New York was the start of a new year and our new love story.

If you follow along, you know that we love to travel and we d0 it a lot. We love to travel together, but sometimes we are left solo on our adventures.  I have been to New York a handful of times on my own, each time I always felt like there was something missing.  This time, I saw the city in a new light.  It was because of him.  It was vibrant and busy, even in the midst of negative temperatures and gloomy skies.  It was like the two of us were in a our own universe and those millions of people just disappeared.

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