Don’t you just love long weekends?  It was so nice having Friday off last week and not to mention the weather was pretty much perfect, at least for a day.  Michelle and I did a late work out (with all of the soccer moms) and then ran some errands. I am not going to lie, it was kind of nice not sitting at a desk all day playing interior design assistant. We did some returns, might have made a pit stop at J Crew to look at all of the new arrivals (it was dangerous), and searched for the perfect fabrics at Calico. But really, there is seriously nothing better than listening to good music driving with the windows down. 

You would have never thought that the weather was so perfect the day before because on Saturday it pretty dark and rainy all day, I think the state of Kansas was mourning the loss (poor Jayhawks). The only thing good about the day was being able to wear my new Hunter boots while I ran some errands. Since I was inside most of the day, I started working on my to-do list for a charity event I have been working on (more details to come) and catching up on some much needed DVR time. 

So I really cannot keep up with this Midwest weather, but I wasn’t complaining on Sunday because it was absolutely beautiful.  I headed to Church and then a delicious brunch with one of my girlfriends and her family.  We overindulged on the never ending buffet and it put us both in a food coma.  Since I hate wasting beautiful days inside, I spent the majority of the afternoon outside walking the pups and doing yard work. I was optimistic that the weather would be nice again today, but only to wake up to 30 degree temps this morning and possibly snow flurries tonight. UGH.  Weather gods, if you are out there, it would be great to have 75 and sunny for at least two months out of the year.  Thanks- Ali :) 

xox- a dash of details

images taken by Ali 

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