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Summer is officially in full swing and for us, that means a non-stop schedule filled with lots of fun trips! This weekend was our only weekend at home until August and I am pretty excited for our upcoming travel plans.  Next weekend we are headed to Park City for a family reunion. This is my first time to the cute mountain town and I have heard rave reviews! Our agenda is packed full of activities, including hiking, zip lining and an intense game of family whiffle ball. If any of you have recommendations on places to go, eat or see, I would love to hear!


Linen Stripe Sweater / Bag (similar)/ Jeans / Sandals (only $88) / Sunglasses / Scarf

This weekend we had friends in town with their two month old baby in tow. She was such an angel and we had so much fun with our newest house guest. In addition to our friends, my grandparents were in town for a wedding. They had a little free time on Saturday, so we enjoyed brunch outside and a little time at the hotel pool (ps, I received so many compliments on this swimsuit, I thought I would share!).  It was such a treat to get to spend time with them one-on-one. My papa is 92 and every chance I get to sit and chat with him makes my heart so happy.

Navy and White Stripe Sweater Everlane Tan Sandals and Round Basket Bag Donni Charm Scarf in hair

Since this was our last weekend at home before our big trip to Nantucket, I knew it was time to get myself organized.  With a busy schedule comes excuses. I have been wanting to clean out my closet for sometime and kept making excuses week after week. Every time I stepped into my closet I was overwhelmed and still felt like, “I had nothing to wear.” Sunday, I finally stopped making excuses and got to work. I started by pulling every item out of my closet and trying on each piece. If I didn’t love it, it went into a donate pile. At the end of the process I finished with one large rack of clothes. I am happy to say, I parted ways with four large bags of clothes, shoes and accessories.  I have never felt so free of clutter in my life.  Today for the first time, I walked into my closet and smiled. Every piece in my closet brings me joy, fits my body, and is color coordinated–that’s just a bonus! ;)


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  1. Audrey
    Audrey says:

    Such a great post! I just completed my regularly scheduled closet clean-out myself and couldn’t feel better about it xx

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