Loft Chambray Tee and 501 Levi Shorts

We are officially a week out from our 25 hour drive across seven states to Nantucket. If you saw my story about our summer plans, then you know we decided on a whim to spend the month of July in our favorite place with my bestie, Mackenzie (she actually just posted the most incredible story about her family history on the island).


Chambray Top (almost identical-here, here, and here) / Cutoffs (best investment I’ve made all year ;)- less expensive version) / Sandals / Bag (similar) / Scarf / Sunglasses / Necklace

“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” Eleanor Roosevelt stated it perfectly, life should be lived.

For it’s not about the things but the experiences and the stories we can tell.  This past weekend I was chatting with my grandma while looking at pictures on her iPad from all of her and my papa’s recent trips. She was bright eyed and all smiles telling me stories about ziplinng in Alaska just last year. My papa is 94 years young, and their life moto is”spend every penny and never stop moving.”

This really got me thinking about how I want to live my life. While a nice house, nice cars and all of the other things are wonderful, a life full of experience with someone you love has become the most important thing to me. Every new trip, new restaurant or new person I meet opens my eyes to a world outside my small bubble.

So while we are young with limited responsibilities, we are choosing to say yes to (almost) every new experience and opportunity that comes our way.

Detail of Basket Bag A Dash of Details in LOFT Chambray Top with Bell Sleeve and Rose Bag


xox- a dash of details

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  1. Diana Pearl
    Diana Pearl says:

    So pretty! I have these sandals and love them. SO jealous for your month on Nantucket. I was there a couple of weeks ago for a long weekend and it was not nearly long enough! The most perfect island!

    x Diana // Pearl Girl

      ALI LEIGH says:

      Thanks so much Diana! Aren’t the sandals the best? I can’t stop wearing mine. So fun! Your recent pics from Rhode Island are getting me so excited for our quick weekend trip to Newport! I have never been and I am looking forward to exploring more of the East Coast :) xox- Ali

      ALI LEIGH says:

      Aw thanks Liz! We will have to go together next time I come visit Mackenzie in Connecticut! xo- Ali

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