You are Loved Tee

Oh Friday, I love you!

I cannot believe we only have three more weekends on the island, so I plan to soak up every bit of time I have left!

You are Loved Tee

Ali in LOFT

I am seriously going to have friendship withdrawals when I go home and Mackenzie is no longer in Dallas.  I think I am still in denial that she moved away 9 months ago! We have had such an amazing summer together and it has been so fun to have a girl roommate again!

This weekend we are checking off some of her major wedding to-dos and hopefully squeezing in a few hours at the beach.  I am so glad I picked up this suit at the beginning of the summer because its perfect for swimming in the ocean!

A few of my favorite links from this week:

Jen’s photography was featured on! Such an exciting moment and the house is to die for!

Urban Outfitters has the most adorable dresses right now! I am loving this one, this one and this cutie!

I spotted this necklace on Lucy Williams and Jess Kirby and I am in love! Maybe I will treat myself to a late b-day present :)

Reformation is having a major sale! I bought this dress…OOPS!

Love this story about the 100 most scenic restaurants in the states. I have been to two on the list!


If There Was An Outfit

Style Details: No. 190

White Bow Dress

Happy Friday, friends!

xox- a dash of details



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