“It always seems impossible until its done.”- Nelson Mandela (He was such an inspiring man) 

Does anyone have the same feeling the week after a vacation?  Completely overwhelmed but for some reason it feels like the days drag on until you realize it is Friday! Being really busy at work, a secret project I am working on (you will find out soon, I promise) and trying to keep my workout schedule together, I felt like I barely had a second to breathe. But that is what the weekends are for, right? 

This weekend I will be playing dress up for some fun new outfit posts and spending lots of time playing catch up on emails and my DVR.  Thankfully there is a snow storm coming our way, it makes the perfect excuse to sit on the sofa or stay under the covers all day long.  I will also be finishing up my Christmas shopping. If you still need some ideas to cross those gifts off your list, make sure you check out my gift guides to get your shopping done in 1-2-3!  

Happy Weekend and thanks for following along this week! 

xox- a dash of details

image via the glitter guide

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