Make You Blush

So only around Valentine’s Day do I feel like its appropriate to talk about those cute little underthings. Not sure why, but maybe it’s just because I am a little immature. I’ll be honest, it almost embarrasses me to talk about lingerie on the blog, but I sure do love these pretty little underthings. I should start by saying that I actually do not own one piece, but brands like La Perla and Eberjey are making me reconsider just walking around the house by myself in some of these pretty things.

Did I tell ya’ll that I love Valentine’s Day, not because of gifts but because it is just a day that I can specifically tell everyone I love, how much I love them.  I am a pretty gushy girl, I never get off the phone without saying I love you, even to my best friends (sometimes I slip at work) Has that ever happened to you? Ya know, when you are trying to get off the phone really fast and it just slips out?  So embarrassing I know, but I accidentally did it to someone random the other day.  

xox- a dash of details