Saint James Striped Tee

Song of the Day: Ghost by Halsey

Do you guys watch “Roadies” on Showtime?  It has become one of our favorite shows on TV and it’s because of the amazing music. Whether it’s in the background or the highlighted artist, I have been introduced to so many new songs through this show.  This week, Halsey performed. She was a new-to-me artist and there is something so soothing about her voice that I listened to her album on repeat all day yesterday.

Do you ever think there are TV shows or songs that help you remember a period in your life?  Like one’s that touch you in a different way? I definitely do. I even think a song can completely change my mood. Since I started working from home, my day always starts with a song to set my mood and intention. Today it was Ghost, what is your song of the day?


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Other than my song of the day putting me in a great mood, this stripe top always makes me happy.  It has been the #1 item I have purchased this summer.  My husband is probably sick of walking into my office in the morning and seeing me wearing the same tee day after day.  I am embarrassed to admit it, but you can catch me wearing it to bed at least once a week too. This weekend we laid low and watched the Olympics both days and I may or may not have worn it both days (sorry I’m not sorry).  Is there an item in your closet that gets the most love? Mine is definitely this tee.  It is worth every penny.

xox- a dash of details

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