Without a lack of trying, I have been wanting to post this for 2 days now but the lack of internet has really been the cause of the radio silence around here.  If you are following me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I have moved and I started my new job yesterday (oh and we also made one of our rooms into a closet- I will post about this soon).  It has been a fun adventure so far and I hope that it continues.  We moved into our new house yesterday and without a lack of a better term or as Tim Gunn always says we will “Make it work”.  It may not have all of the luxuries like our last place but it certainly has all of the essentials (but lets just say I will not be taking any pictures of the plaid sofa or lazy boy- hah).  

Moving is always such a pain but moving a couple states over has its new challenges.  So to make myself comfy in the jam-packed car, I made sure to bring the essentials.  

elizabeth and james tee / all star converse / lo and sons catalina bag / ray ban sunglasses / joie sweatpants / catbird ballerina bracelet and threadbare rings / burt’s bees ultra conditioning lip balm 

xox- a dash of details 

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