“I am best known (I think) for taking the brand’s reputation for outfitting ladies who lunch, to ladies (and girls) who tweet at lunch.” – ERIKA BEARMAN 

Otherwise known as @OscarPRgirl, Erika Bearman has what most girls, including myself, would consider the ultimate dream job.  Playing dress up all day, tweeting and instagraming around town, and her hysterical personality, Erika takes high fashion to a whole new level.  She makes wearing a few thousand dollar dress feel more accessible- well to the average American girl. Let’s just say I am slightly obsessed with her New York minimalist pad.  Racks of Oscar’s one of a kind collection, ball gowns, and sequins galore..um yes please.   Her Coveteur story reminds me of a 90s dream. Like when I used to pretend I was Kelly Kapowski and dating Zac Morris on Saved By the Bell. Any who, you should read the article– she is a pretty sweet girl with a killer job.  

xox- a dash of details

images via the coveteur 

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