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As I sat on the windowsill and looked out, I imagined a world full of possibilities.

Maybe it was the energy of New York that I found so exhilarating or just the thought of a new year, but in all of the stillness, as I sat there slowing drinking my coffee watching the cars go by, my mind was racing. I dreamt of my world, my goals, and where I wanted to see myself in those few quiet minutes that slowly turned into an hour.

For being someone who is always on the move, I tend to forget to enjoy those quiet (or what may seem to be forgettable) moments that may will change your life forever .  That slow morning in New York watching the snow fall outside my window changed my perspective.


Black Leather Flats (c/o-Tieks) / Black Cashmere Sweater / Skyline Skinny Jeans in Black / Dana Rebecca Joy Necklace / Diamond Initial Necklace / Michele Watch 

xox- a dash of details

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