As 2012 comes to an end, I wanted to say a quick thank you to all of you for reading this blog. Sometimes I forget how special it has been to meet new friends and form wonderful relationships through blogging, but that is what keeps me continuing my journey.  This blog has become a great place to escape the daily nuances of life, be creative, and allow myself to be completely real and honest.  

As my second year of blogging comes to an end today, I start my third year of blogging (who would have thought, I would continue doing this crazy thing for two years!) but I cannot wait to see what comes out of this year.  I am not one for making a long list of resolutions, but this year there are a few goals I really would like to accomplish for this blog.  I want to focus on meeting and reaching out to more bloggers (hopefully going to ALT Summit is going to be a great start), blog every day (with the exception of Sundays and vacation), collaborate with a few of my favorite brands, create more original content (thanks to Patrick for my new camera lens), and continue to connect with my readers because really that is what it is all about.  

So thank YOU all again for you support and kindness and I look forward to a wonderful 2013 with all of you.  

xox- a dash of details