September Details

To me, September always feels like a fresh start. The holiday weekend is the end of one chapter and start of something new.

I took the last four days to unplug, recharge and find focus. With the break came a new series, MONTHLY DETAILS, where I share my plans and intentions for the month ahead. I couldn’t think of a  better time to start something new like September.


A new season calls for a new-do. Last week, I cut five inches off my hair and I am feeling like a new person.  Looking forward to trying a few new styles this month.

After reading over a dozen articles about the health benefits, I decided to challenge myself to try celery juice every morning for 30 days.  Who wants to join? *Also, a few have asked what juicer I use. I actually have been using a blender and nut milk bag to strain. It is so easy, especially the clean up.

Plan a dinner party al fresco.  The weather is hopefully turning a corner and I am looking to hosting our friends this Fall. Think: tea lights, fresh flowers, and a farm to table dinner straight from the farmer’s market.  I am finally feeling like I am getting my groove back in the kitchen after a long summer hiatus.

Styling our house. I am planning to give our space a little decor update in the next few months.

We are headed up to Maine at the end of the month to celebrate my best friend’s wedding.  So excited to check another state off our list, for changing leaves and for all of our best friends to be together!

Stocking up on some Fall essentials. Stay tuned for all the cozy sweaters, great alternatives to basic denim, and pretty skirts.

I am excited to get back in the kitchen. I have been stocking up on recipes like this one, this one and this one.

We surprisingly have a pretty open calendar this month. While I normally love traveling, I am really looking forward to relaxing, spending quality time with friends and Patrick, and trying a few new things.

xox- a dash of details

* Images can all be found here.