We are a week into the new year…how’s everyone feeling? I spent last week evaluating the goals I set for myself last year and set my intentions for 2018.

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If there was one word that could describe last year it would be: growth. Professionally, I had a good year. I passed milestones I set for myself, worked with some incredible brands and finally found my creative mojo again (thanks to a summer in Nantucket). I learned to manage people, my time and expectations. This is where I found I have the most room to improve in the new year-more on that in a moment.  Personally, I grew a lot. One of my intentions last year was to find happiness in everything. I woke up every morning with one thought in my head, “Today is going to be a great day.” Even when times got tough, I chose happiness. I truly found out what makes me happy in 2017 and plan to continue choosing happiness.

My intention for this year is wellness. I know, I know, this is such a trendy word and what does it really mean? Well, the definition of wellness is: the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. So, I took the word and focused in on a few areas I could improve.

  1. Get in the best shape of my life. Guys, I know this sounds like every other person’s new years resolution, but I have been working towards this one since last year. At the end of 2017,  I decided that 2018 was going to be the year I get in the best shape of my life. I turn 30 in August and plan to be in the best physical health. I will talk in more depth about what I am doing to get to reach my goal, but I started BBG and eating pretty clean back in December.
  2. Start the day with vitamins and supplements. As I said above, I turn 30 in August and have never had a consistent vitamin regimen. I ordered these this summer, but somehow could not get myself to take them everyday. This is going to be the year I turn this into a good habit.
  3. Going Clean. I am talking everything, people. Food, beauty, household products, you name it. I am going room by room and clearing out all of the toxic products. This is going to be a process, but as an avid GOOP reader, it is hard to ignore the benefits of going clean. Back in June, I swapped out all my skincare products to Tata Harper and never looked back. I added in a few additions the later half of the year. I am excited to try and share more clean beauty products this year, especially since Credo Beauty is opening in Dallas early this year. This is definitely going to be a process and I am looking forward to taking you along on my journey.
  4. Keep Drinking More Water. I did a pretty good job of this last year after getting this water bottle. I try to drink at least half my body weight in ounces a day. Sometimes I get a little less, sometimes a little more.  The biggest difference I have seen since drinking more water is my skin–in the best way possible.
  5. Live in the moment. If being a blogger has one downside, it would be the inability to unplug. I am the first to admit I am always on my phone.  I constantly catch myself mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, watching Stories or reading articles. I say to myself that I am doing “research,” but honestly I think I am completely addicted.  Recently, we watched a 60 Minutes story about the psychology of Instagram…it really got me thinking.  I am going to consciously make an effort to focus on living in the moment and not spending time staring at my phone.
  6. Create more. In the same breath as living in the moment, I decided this year I am going to create not for the likes, but for myself. I want to be authentic and true to myself when it comes to my creative expression. I am really excited for this new chapter and what’s to come for A Dash of Details.
  7. Read (Listen). Something you need to know about me, I watch wayy too much TV. Since I started working from home five years ago, I started watching tv in the background while I worked. I realized I stopped reading the news and reading books. After asking y’all on Stories on Friday, I am inspired to listen to podcasts while I work.   How I Built This was the most recommended and Up First, is a great daily 15 minute news update. If you have any books or podcasts you are loving, I would really appreciate any suggestions!
  8. Giving Back. I was taught at a young age that giving back should be at the center of everything. My first memory of this was on my fifth Christmas, my dad asked me to pick out my favorite toy. He then told me I would be giving it away to a little girl my same age for Christmas.  On December 23rd that year, I said goodbye to my favorite pink bike. I was sad, but I will never forget the feeling of seeing that little girl’s face when we rode up with a big red bow tied upon the bike. This is something I plan to do with my children someday. Every year after that year, we did the same thing. While make donations throughout the year, this year I plan to find a charity I love. If you live in Dallas and know of any amazing charities out there, I would love any recommendations or suggestions.
  9. Make our house feel like home. This has nothing to do with my wellness theme, but we have been living in our house for two years now and I decided after signing another lease that I am going to make this house finally feel like our home.  I am planning on re-decorating our living room, office, bedroom and eat-in kitchen area.  I am really excited to add some interior content back on blog.

Ali Schilling and Mackenzie Horan in Tuckernuck Ali Schilling Stripe Dress

Now that my intentions are set, I am so ready to get this year started.  In addition to interior decor content, I will be adding more wellness topics to the blog, including fitness, more recipes and clean beauty. I am not an expert, but I am hoping I can bring you along on my journey. That being said, are there any topics you want to see more of here on A Dash of Details? I would love to hear from you!


xox- a dash of details

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  1. Brianna Rooney
    Brianna Rooney says:

    Really love this post! A lot of this resonates with me, especially being more present – can’t wait for more content around wellness.

    As for books, The Nightingale is my FAVORITE, I just finished The Glass Castle that was also fantastic, or Erin Hildabrand, her books all take place on Nantucket for lighter reads :)

      ALI LEIGH says:

      Thank you so much! The key to drinking more water, is the water bottle! Hope you are having a great start to 2018!


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