Two years ago, Mackenzie invited me on my first trip to Nantucket and I instantly fell in love with the ever-so-charming island off the coast of Massachusetts. So when Mackenzie and I were having our weekly catch-up (I am still in denial that she doesn’t live in Dallas anymore) and planning a few trips for the summer, she joked about how she wished we could just move to the East Coast for the summer.

A few phone calls and about 10 minutes later, we are officially headed to Nantucket for the month of July–and the pups are coming along, too!

We figured an opportunity to pick up and move for a month would not come around very often, so we decided this trip was as good of an excuse as any. Plus, we get to spend time with some of our favorite people! We will be working during the days and spending as much time on the beach with our goldendoodle pups. Zoey and Molly have never been to the beach and we are so excited to see them romp around the sand. I have a feeling it is going to be pretty funny! Thankfully, Rory (Mackenzie’s pup) will be there to show them the ropes.

We are going to be living with a Nantucket veteran for the month, but it is always fun to hear about new places. If you have any recommendations for things we need to do/see on the island, send them my way!

xox- a dash of details

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