ADOD_Springy1ADOD_Springy42f60dd7173a49b21a120fce92efcbd34ADOD_Springy5ADOD_Springy6ADOD_Springy7Give me a good pair of jeans, and I am one happy girl.

I have officially ditched my winter coats (thank you, Dallas weather) and have been craving floral prints and girly silhouettes. I am typically a total jeans girl, but the idea of a flowy dresses with extra soft tees gets me all giddy about warmer temps.  This weekend I was doing a little online shopping and started browsing the selection at Nordstrom TopShop.  Needless to say from the options below, I am totally obsessed with the crop top and midi skirt trend and I think I need (well, want) this distressed denim skirt. Let’s just say the 90’s are back to stay and I am okay with it. :)


xox- a dash of details

images via harper’s bazaar, damsel in dior 

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