Style Details- Ali Schilling

After an extremely fun weekend in Dallas, the Monday blues have lasted well into my Tuesday. We spent a few too many hours on the patio (maybe a few too many margaritas) and the only thing getting me back to normal has been a good sweat sesh at Core Power. Another thing helping me get back into my routine: Hello Fresh.  The last thing I wanted to do on Sunday was go grocery shopping.  Well, thanks to a little pre-planning, I ordered my first box of Hello Fresh meals.  Last night I made sesame shrimp and Jasmine rice with crispy green beans. I love how these 30 minute meals look like you made something gourmet but are so easy.  My favorite part: not having to ask the dreaded questions “what should we have for dinner?”.  Tonight, chicken and pineapple tacos (wish me luck!).


Outdoor Voices Outfit / Tray / Sweater / Loafers / Silk Dress / Stripe tee / Ruffle Sweater / Earrings / Purse / Loafers


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