May Style Must Haves

I credit my personal style to a few things: 1. my mom, who always taught me how to put together the classics and 2. living in 5 cities in 10 years.  While the world has grown smaller over the last decade, thanks to the internet, taking style cues from all the places I have lived has really helped create my personal style.  Growing up in Scottsdale everyone wore sandals year round and sleeveless everything. For the most part, my style was laid back and easy.  Then I moved to the Midwest and my preppy side (that I didn’t know I had) was revealed.  Think Polos with popped collars, navy and pink, and boat shoes.  As I graduated from college, my two styles merged into what someone would call classic casual.  Lately, I have been hearing that term more often when people describe my style and I’ll take it.  Since starting the blog in 2010, my entire goal for  A Dash of Details has been to inspire you with outfits I would actual wear, and outfits you could replicate with items from your own closet. Re-wearing items is perfectly acceptable in my book.   Since moving to Dallas I have noticed people like to wear their latest and greatest.  Nothing wrong with this mentality. I, myself love to dress up for any excuse to dress up, but I still have a hard time putting on a (what I would call) formal dress for date night.  So for now, I think I will stick to my signature, classic, casual style :)



xox- a dash of details

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