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Is anyone else having a hard time believing we are already in Mid-August? With the new season quickly approaching I have been scoping out all of my favorite sites for new arrivals.  I think I am still in denial that I am going back to Dallas and the weather will not be fall-like until early October, but the thought of a cozy cashmere is getting me pretty excited!

Tassel Earrings / You Are Loved Tee / Bag / Flats / Ruffled Top / Nail polish / Headband / Leggings / Sandals / Candle

Mackenzie’s wedding is in less than three weeks away and I am getting so excited for the weekend! I ordered my dress from Reformation for her welcome party and I am still trying to find an outfit for the rehearsal dinner. Any ideas? I also ordered these tassel earrings to wear with my dress. If you have any upcoming events, they are a total no-brainer for under $100!

With everything going on in the world right now, everyone could use this little reminder: You Are Loved.  Not only does it spread a great message, but the tee is pretty cute too that I couldn’t help but ordering.  I have been loving all these embroidered tees lately.  This one, this one and this one are just too cute.

I have been starting my search for a new bag for Fall and I was thinking about this Mansur Gavriel Mini Bucket bag, but then I came across this one and the color and buttery soft leather might be too good to pass up.

According to the fashion gurus, Mustard has been all the rage this season and we will be seeing it more this Fall. While, I don’t know if it would be the first color I would reach for in my closet–especially considering only white, black, navy, blue, gray and tan items can currently be found , I do love the idea of these flats in the trendy color. Ya know how I just said I wouldn’t wear a dress, well I take that back, this dress is fab and would be perfect for a Fall wedding!

J.Crew just released a bunch of new arrivals and this ruffled top went straight into my shopping cart.  Ruffles, chambray, really what more could a girl ask for?!

Since being on Nantucket, I have opted out of getting a manicure, but after a month and a half I am in major need of some TLC. What is your favorite colors? My go to is always Ballet Slippers by Essie, but I am curious about this one.

I went through a major headband phase in college. Blame it on Gossip Girl and Blair Waldorf, but I just couldn’t get enough.  I since have parted ways with most of my college hair accessories, but something about this tortoise shell headband has me thinking I might need to bring mine back out of retirement.

Thanks to a birthday gift from my parents, I have been browsing the Outdoor Voices website recently.  They have so many fun new color ways in my favorite leggings. I also just ordered there new tech sweat leggings and will report back!

Ever since cleaning out my closet in June, I have been on the hunt a pair of new “dressy” sandals.  To be honest–you can also probably tell by my outfit posts, I don’t love heels.  Every once in a while I will wear this pair or this pair for special occasions, but my dancing days left my feet in not the best shape. When I saw this pair, I knew they would be perfect.  I also love these and these.

You know when you find a scent that you just love and you can’t seem to try anything new? My mom always had this grapefruit candle burning in our house when I was younger and this scent reminds me exactly like it.

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      Such a good find! I will update my link because they are half the price! Thanks so much Meredith.

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