Today is all about holiday travel and looking good doing it.  There is nothing worse than standing in front of someone with grey baggy sweatpants on looking like a complete mess and they just happen to have a water bottle in their bag going through security.  For someone that is a frequent traveler like myself, my biggest pet peeve is people that look like they are going to a slumber party at the airport, especially when carrying a full size pillow. THIS IS NOT OKAY. There are definitely ways to still be comfortable while still looking cute.  Even wearing your favorite white tee and a wrap with leggings is a great way to look put together, but really feel like you are still in your pjs.

Pet peeve number two, people that have unorganized carry-ons. I have even seen a lady with three kids that is more organized than some people.  Thanks to my TRUFFLE Petite Clarity pouch, I keep all of my liquids in this pouch and keeps my Gigi New York Tote completely organized.  Also having a laptop sleeve allows you to get through security in a jiffy.  Thankfully, we finally hit A-List status which means no lines for us this holiday travel season! 

TRUFFLE Petite Clarity Pouch (perfect gift for the traveler) / Cashmere Scarf / J.Brand Jeans / Jewelry Travel Case / J. Crew Sweater / Damsel X Gorjana Necklace / Computer Pouch / Kate Spade iPhone Case / Gigi New York Tote / Stella McCartney Sunglasses

xox- adash of details 

image via Lo and Sons (Great Travel Bag- the OMG) 

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  1. Nikki
    Nikki says:

    I am not the best traveler. However, we do 99% of our traveling in the car, so I really don't share my unorganized chaos with anyone other than my husband. I am in love with that J. Crew sweater, and the Gigi NY tote is fabulous for any kind of travel! Great picks!


  2. Victoria | Oh So Pretty
    Victoria | Oh So Pretty says:

    You're describing me a year ago, Ali! haha Don't worry, I've become a frequent traveler and got it all down now.. so your pet peeves are also now mine! I'm all about casual chic while traveling… leggings is always the way to go for me (and maxi's in the spring / summer)!


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