For a girl who grew up watching Full House, The Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley, Two of a Kind and the list goes on; I have always been a fan of MK and A, and I have always been so impressed with how professional they are when it comes to the work they do. A little side note, I have known MK and A since I was in kindergarten..its a long story that no one would really care to hear, but I grew up being so envious of their sister/twin relationship. There is something about having a sister that I guess I will never understand, but these two seriously have something special. Oh and not to mention the fact they have built an empire from the ground up with multiple clothing lines, and a couture brand, The Row that they have created from the ground up.

For any girl who grew up watching them on TV, they always had the best clothes..even if that was a paisley outfit with matching bandana (circa 1998). Their classic style, perfectly messy hair with middle parts, and to- die for handbags are my dream. Oh and not to mention their signature no teeth smile (still waiting to master that…I don’t think it will ever happen) Needless to say, they even make a grey t-shirt look effortless.

xox- a dash of details

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  1. Victoria | Oh So Pretty
    Victoria | Oh So Pretty says:

    Ohh, I'm totally with you on this, Ali! Been following Mary Kate and Ash since Michelle Tanner said "You got it, dude!" Absolutely in love with their style – they manage to make everything so effortlessly chic!

  2. Alyssa
    Alyssa says:

    I'm totally obsessing over Ashley's leather leggings up there! Also, I've always prided myself on knowing which Olsen was which. Probably weird, but I'm proud :)

  3. A Dash of Details
    A Dash of Details says:

    Alyssa- I totally know what you mean about knowing the difference! And yes, her leather leggings are killer.


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