This weekend I was catching up on some DVR recordings that have been filling up space and I decided to start watching the premiere of The Voice.  I never really was into the show until Patrick started making me watch it last year, so this year I decided to record the series.  Well, I am glad I did, there are some seriously amazing singers especially Judith Hill.  Growing up with musical parents, this “what I am guessing to be young/middle 30s” girl has some serious talent.  I mean not only just her voice but her musicality was unreal and something I have never heard before. I am sure she will go far on the show, but for now you can listen to her performance here.  

On another note: Happy Easter to all of you. I hope you had a fabulous day spent with family and friends and hopefully had a few chocolate eggs or Peeps (I really do not like those little chickens).  

xox- a dash of details 

image via zimbio 

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