1. Leather Jacket / 2. Tibi Tank / 3. Marc Jacobs Bag / 4. Turban / 5. Photo Ready J Brand Grey Denim / 6. Kai Lotion / 7. Rodin Lip Gloss / 8. Madewell Booties / 9. Joie Silk Sweatpants / Teddy Loafers / 11. Loeffler Randall Bag / 12. J Crew Sweatshirt / 13. Warby Parker Percey Glasses

Well guess what? We are back at it and off again. This time we are jetting off to Kansas City for the Plaza Art Fair Weekend.  It is my favorite event in Kansas City and I knew I would not miss it this year just because I moved away.  For many of you who have never been to Kansas City or even the midwest, the Art Fair is the best weekend of the year! Not only are there 15 blocks full of local and national artists booths, but some of the best food and drinks you will ever have. Lets talk about a highlight from last year, a free Chocolate Bag from McCormick and Schmicks, thanks to a little sweet talk with one of my girlfriends. This is the first time I am headed back to Kansas City after the big move and I could not be more excited to see all my girlies. I am sure there is going to be too much fun (nah… there is no such thing as too much fun) to be had. 

The weather is supposed to be absolutely beautiful for the weekend, so I am going to enjoy wearing a few of my new fall favorites. Since we will be out and about all day/night- I am going to bring my new leather jacket and these heels to dress up my daytime look.  I decided to stick with neutrals when I made my packing list because really you can never go wrong with some good black and white.  Oh, and I am sure I will be doing lots of shopping, since I have been on a freeze for the last 2 months.  

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image via refinery 29


For the last year I have been in search of the perfect men’s style watch. Ya know, like the standard gold Michael Kors that almost every girl I know has. Don’t get me wrong, I love that watch but every time I tried it on it never really looked good on my wrist. The bulkiness of the watch was always the issue, so I continued my search.  A few months ago I spotted this Daniel Wellington on Samantha of Could I Have That and have been obsessing ever since.  It is the perfect watch for my wrist- still large enough, but lays flat on my arm.  It has quickly become one of my favorite accessories. 

Did I ever tell you guys that I am a total Art History nerd?  My favorite classes in college were French Impressionism and Art Since 1945, possibly because of the professors but maybe just because I could pronounce the names of the artists (African Art was not my cup of tea).  Recently I have been pulling out my old art books to fill some book shelves. I had fun browsing through the pages of some of my favorite artists, like Willem de Kooning and Andy Warhol.  

Daniel Wellington Watch / Willem de Kooning Book / Nails- Essie Clambake

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Gallery Girls

Tonight I was invited to attend the opening of a new event space called, The Gallery.  It’s kind of funny but I turned on Bravo the other night and the new show Gallery Girls was on.  The show is about a bunch of young girls trying to make it in the world of art and they all come from different backgrounds (Upper East Side to Brooklyn).  Having studied Art History in college, I have an appreciation for this show. But it is definitely going to be drama- filled like all of the other typical Bravo shows. Check it out on Mondays on BRAVO at 10/9 central.  

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images via Bravo 

Day 20: A Dash of Fun Fonts

Today I have been working on some crafty additions for my Christmas presents (those will have to be kept secret) and I decided I needed some new fonts. Here are a few I downloaded from here.  The best part was that they were all free! Only 6 more days until the big day or as Patrick would like to say only 2 more days until the big day (his birthday!) 

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Wall of Art

This weekend we just found out we are able to stay in our place for another year..Great News. A couple months ago I stop buying stuff for the place because I was not sure how long we were going to be able to stay.  Well… we have a big blank wall on the dining room that needs some love.  I am thinking about making an art collage wall.  I can’t wait to fill the blank “canvas”. 

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images via pinterest 

A Little Painting

So this past weekend I decided to take up a new hobby, painting.  I have always loved drawing and photography but I have never been the greatest painter.  I got the idea for the painting a while you remember this post about Coco & Hearts artist’s home, Jen.  Well my inspiration came from her Lipstick Dot paintings. The best part of the project is that it only cost a total of $25 dollars! I may not be a professional but I think it turned out pretty well (sorry for the bad quality photos, they came from my iphone.) 

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images via me 

Rock Chalk

Since this weekend is the Big Twelve Tournament in Kansas City, I thought it was appropriate to show some school pride.  Sav-Art is a local artist from Kansas City, who I just adore. I think he may love Lawrence as much as I do. The Wheel, Allen Fieldhouse, and the Delta Gamma house just bring me back to a great place!

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images via Sav-Art

Art of Accessorizing



The art of accessorizing, how I love thee.  Aren’t these illustrations by Sarah Singh darling? I would say they are tre magnific!

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images via art dept.

Wake Up And Smell the Daisies



Happy Day back to work! I am just in love with my new Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume I got for Christmas.  Maybe because of how cute the bottle is or the sweet smell.  Either way I want to collect all four! Possible Valentine’s Day idea anyone??  

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images via marc jacobs

Illustrator Extraordinaire





Jenny Bowers, Illustrator Extraordinaire! I love her use of bright colors that allow her illustrations to just pop off the page. And especially the elegant and girly subject matter. She is the one behind the new Kate Spade stationary and 2011 planner.  These illustrations would look great in my new office! 

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images via kate spade and jenny bowers