LIFE CHANGING. HILARIOUS. EPIC. FUN. These are the words I would use to describe my first experience at New York Fashion Week.  I had an EPIC trip to New York which ended with a mini vacation with my fiance and family, in Boston.  As I reflect on my 10 day trip, I have to say that I am honestly so grateful to have been able to be a part of such an incredible event such as Fashion Week and was so fortunate to have met some amazing people along the way. So first things first, all of the stories you have heard or read about Fashion Week are probably real.  It is exhausting, entertaining and for some (like me) an eye-opening experience into the world of high fashion. It was an experience I would never take back in a million years… even if I only slept 4 hours a night and ate one meal a day (and if you know me well, you know I normally don’t function without 5 meals, but I guess it was the adrenaline.)


So here we go, Day 1:

4:00am- Patrick dropped me off at the airport with my Lo and Sons bag, a suitcase and my favorite carry-all bag in hand. I boarded the plane and arrived in New York and apparently like most New Yorkers, I hit the ground running.

12:00pm- I had the cab drop me off at my cousin’s office in Soho to grab her keys (By the way, she was a saint for having me crash at her place for 7 nights!) and headed to her apartment.  Remember when I said I had three bag, well imagine me walking up 6 flights of stairs.  Yep, that happened. Oh and not to mention it was in the 90s with no air conditioning.  #packingfail

5:00pm- After a break in front of the fan and some water, my cousin got home and we ventured to the Mondrian Hotel (in heels- another bad idea on my part) for the StyleList Party.  The views were incredible and the bloggers I met, were as nice as can be.

10:00pm- After chatting over a few cocktails, we made our way to dinner to Bond St. for some delicious sushi.  If you have never been to this little restaurant tucked below ground…You must try the Tuna Pizza.  Soo. Good.  After more than our fair share of wine and an extreme amount of sushi, we ventured home.  Tomorrow was a big day for me.

NYFWDay1NYFWDay1-4 NYFWDay1-3 NYFWDay1-2MarkandEstell

What I wore: Theory Dress / Zara Calf Hair Booties / Paul Smith Bag (borrrowed) / J.Crew Bracelet / Celine Sunglasses / Catbird Rings / NARS lipstick

Day 2: 8:00am- Thankfully, like any smart girl going to Fashion Week, I planned my outfits for each day/night.  My first show was at 10:00am, and I knew I was not going to be late.  I got ready and hopped on the Subway up to the Upper West Side. As I approached Lincoln Center, I took a moment to take it all in. When I came back to reality I walked across the street, up the stairs of Lincoln Center and straight to the doors of the tents (by the way, all while totally pretending like I have done this before).  Around me there were photographers snapping pictures, fabulous people standing outside waiting for the next show, and people in the weirdest street style outfits I have ever seen.  Just picture: a lot of cartoon characters, and cat hats. 10:00am- I walk into my first show with my ticket and realize I am sitting front row.  Next to me, this Brazilian beauty. Standing 5″2′ on a good day, I started to feel like I was surrounded by hundreds of beautiful giants.  What I didn’t know about fashion week was the amount of waiting you do.  You wait to walk into the show, you get seated for the show, and then you wait some more.  The show started about 30 min after 10:00am when the lights dimmed and the music started blasting a heavy beat.  The first model starts her walk down the runway, and the spectators (including myself- I needed to fit in, right?) immediately pull out their iPhones to start capturing each look. The show lasts approximately 10 minutes, with each look just as amazing than the next.  After the show ends congratulated the designer and then fast-walked in their high heels out the door.

11:00am- As I was walking out of the tent I bumped into a good friend and a new friend (more on that in a minute), as well as rubbed shoulders with Leandra Medine, Liz Cherkasova from Late Afternoon and a few other bloggers I recognized as they raced into the tent just in time for Zimmerman. I jotted over to the Starbucks across the street to charge my phone, rest my feet and of course, refuel. After the Zimmerman show, I met back up with my friend who introduced me to Anna. It was so fun to meet someone in person that I have been following for so long.  If you haven’t met or heard of Anna (aka Tulip Louise), she is the most genuine person I have met in this industry in a long time.  She was wearing this killer vintage lace number, and even was photographed for Elle Street Style. After chatting for a little, we parted ways and I was onto my next show, Sally LaPointe.  I hopped in a cab and headed towards the High Line.


5:45pm- After a long and exciting first day at the tents, I met my cousin at her office to grab a glass of wine and make a fun purchase at the new Celine SoHo store.

Late Night- We met a few friends for dinner (and of course, a few too many drinks later ended up way past my bedtime)

RewardStyleOutfitRewardStyleParty RewardStyleParty4 RewardStyleParty3 RewardStyleParty2

What I wore for Day 3: (slightly hungover- that might be an understatement)

Vince Shift Dress / Zara Heels (similar pair here) / Celine Bag / Celine Sunglasses (similar version here)

Humid, muggy, hot, and oh possible rain. I decided my long sleeve dress probably was not the best option for the weather.  So, I opted for this comfy Vince shift dress, my new bag, and simple heels (it was the perfect outfit for what ended up being a 20 hour day). I ventured to the Upper West side to I met some of my long-time blogger friends for brunch before heading to the Reward Style party.  It was so fun to actually meet some of the girls in person I have been emailing back and forth for so long.  We caught up like best friends that have known each other for years.  Of course as we were leaving brunch it started to rain.  Thankfully, Lindsey came prepared with an umbrella so all 10 of us tried to huddled under as we ran across the street to the Empire Hotel. We were greeted with a line of girls dressed in midi skirts, crop tops, and big sunnies, you definitely knew you were headed to a blogger party.  RewardStyle knows how to throw a party! We made it upstairs to the coolest space filled with black and white decor, racks of clothes and bloggers galore.  Ashley and I headed straight for the bar (naturally) to grab a glass of champagne. After chit-chatting with old and new friends, a few photo booth pictures, and meeting with a few of my favorite brands, Lauren, Lauren, Ashley and I decided to head to grab a bite to eat in the West Village (my favorite area in Manhattan).


After a few glasses of rosé and some delicious carbonara, we headed to meet Jessica at the Standard for some more champagne. Too many drinks later, Ashley and I hopped in an Uber to the Prabal Gurung after-party.  Let’s just say it was a night I will never forget!

highlineShoePreview1 ShoePreview2

Day 4 (This is about the day I lost track of what day of the week it was)

I met my pal Blanton and Anna at the Alejandro Ingelmo presentation in the coolest art gallery space. After we browsed the collection, a few others joined us and we headed to brunch in Chelsea.  The rest of the day was spent watching a little football and trying to recover before the busy week ahead.

workdayJeffKoons4 JeffKoons3 JeffKoons1

Day 5: I didn’t have any shows this morning so I decided to do a little work and then take the day to explore the city. I met my cousin on her lunch break in Chelsea and then ventured to the Upper East Side with my Aunt to see the Jeff Koons exhibit at the Whitney. I was an Art History major in college, so seeing all of his work in real life was pretty incredible.

Kitsune4 Kitsune3 Kitsune2 Kitsune1

After a long walk through Central Park, my Aunt and I parted ways and I got ready for more fashion week fun! I met Ashley at the Standard Hotel for the Kitsune Presentation. The collection was the epitome of an effortless and cool French girl.

Polyvore3 Polyvore2 Polyvore1

What I Wore Day 6: ALC dress / Lulu Frost Leaf Necklace / Steven Heels / Catbird Rings / Celine Bag

This was a day for the history books. I woke up early and headed to the SoHo House for a little pampering thanks to Polyvore.  They set up this incredible room with makeup/hair and plenty of pastries. After getting beautified (I loved my bright red lips), I rushed to grab a cab to head uptown for my first presentation of the day, J.Crew.

BillCunninghamJCrew1 JCrew2 Jcrew3

I bolted straight to the tent, sort of flustered, because I thought I was late only to be standing in line next to none other than Bill Cunningham.  Not that my day wasn’t already a dream come true, I got to rub shoulders with that iconic blue jacketed man. I walked into a sea of bright colors, lucite sunnies, and the most incredible sequined dress.  But more on J.Crew tomorrow, it deserves its own post (here’s a hint: a selfie with Jenna Lyons and Bill).

NoonbyNoor2 NoonbyNoor1

After the presentation, I headed over to the cafe in the tent for my third coffee of the day before hoping into the Noon by Noor show.  It was seriously an incredible collection by the two sisters full of embellishments, attention to detail, and gorgeous floral gowns. The models had that effortless chic down perfectly and just across the runway from me was Mira Duma (a style icon of mine).

NaeemKhan2 NaeemKhan1

After the show, I ran into my new friend, Amanda (if you have not read the Fashionable Hostess, you must do so now! She has the cutest kids ever and her party skills are top notch).  We were both early for the Naeem Kahn show so we caught up over another cup of coffee.  We walked into the show and Amanda found a friend who had a couple extra seats. Not sure where my real seat was supposed to be, but I was lucky enough to be sitting 2nd row and a close up look at the breathtaking details on the collection.  The models strutted their stuff with confidence in sequins kelley green, beaded jumpsuits, and silk floral ball gowns.  I can honestly say I was in awe for the entire show.  As if I didn’t already have an amazing day and it was only 2pm, it did not stop there.  I said goodbye to Amanda and  hopped in a cab for my last meeting of the day in Nolita.

Otte2 Otte1

I have been a long time fan of Otte ever since I popped into their store during my first trip to New York a few years back.  If you are not familiar, Otte is a boutique that carries a carefully curated selection of contemporary brands (that was quite a mouthful) as well as its own collection pieces. I met up with Rose at the store to talk about the brand, the success of the store, and what’s in for Fall. More on this later this week….

The weather was so perfect on Tuesday afternoon, I decided to walk back to my cousin’s apartment (my temporary home for the week) before we headed out for dinner at the cutest oyster bar called the Mermaid Inn.  A few drinks later, we were in bed by ten o’clock.

WhiteSpace2 WhitSpace1 WhiteSpace4 WhiteSpace3

Day 7 (I was officially in a New York daze)

What I wore: Otte NY Ellen Dress / Rag and Bone Booties / Clare Vivier Clutch / Catbird Rings / Dior Gloss

My last day in the city was such a blast, really each day was just as good as the next but the anticipation of seeing Patrick after being away for a week had me all giddy.  I started the day at the White Space presentation, which was a collection of emerging designers from around the world.  These sunglasses from Finlay and Co. were my jam. I wanted to take home a pair right then and there.


After eating limited amounts of food all week, a lunch with Hallie was all I needed to get me back to normal.  Hallie and I met over a year ago when we drank our weight in margaritas and bonded over how much we wanted to eat the food props during our 15 hour video shoot.  We caught up about life, work, and how to capture that perfect Instagram.  She is seriously like my long lost sister.


We parted ways as she made her way back to work and I headed to my last presentation of Fashion Week, Elizabeth and James.  I was greeted by Ashley and then made my way into the space to view the collection. It was as California cool girl as it gets.  Beach Boys was playing in the background, Pressed juice was handed out at the bar, and the models chatting and giggling just like the spectators.  It was the perfect end to my fashion week experience.