Last week when I did a little impromptu Q&A on my Instagram, I received quite a few questions about the necklaces I wear daily, so I thought I would share the answers here!

Initial Necklace / Three Diamond Necklace / ‘Lauren Joy’ Necklace / Missoma x Lucy Williams Necklace

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WhiteBlazerandFlareJeans WhiteBlazerandJeans_2 WhiteBlazer_1 RocksBox_4 WhiteBlazerDetails_3 WhiteBlazerandJeans_3 RocksBox_2 WhiteBlazerDetails_4 WhiteBlazerDetails_2 WhiteBlazerandFlareJeans_2

TODAY we celebrate with champagne, of course!

Not only is it Friday and I am excited to have a productive weekend full of checking things off my wedding to-do list. This week was also extremely good to me. For all of you new to ADOD, you can find out a little more about me here and thanks again for stoping by.

I have always been proud of the town I grew up in; this week the spotlight has been on sunny Arizona. All of my friends and family are enjoying a little golf and football (and lots of added traffic) this weekend. While, I wish I could be there, this is my second weekend at home in a row (which is a rarity these days) and I really could not be happier.  We will probably be hopping over to our favorite dinner spot for date night, if the weather is nice, enjoy a few drinks at The Rustic, and to top it off we will be celebrating a good friends birthday. Pretty much sums up my perfect weekend.

To make your weekend even sweeter, Rocksbox is giving all ADOD readers a month free subscription. Just use the code: ALIXOXO until tomorrow! If you have never heard of Rockbox, it is pretty much my new obsession.  How it works: sign up and fill out the style survey.  Once you complete the survey, you can add items to your wish list (I am a huge fan of Loren Hope and Gorjana). Rocksbox will then send you a package with three items for you to use as long as you want. Once you are finished, you can either buy the piece at a discounted price (I mean a major discount) or send them back in to receive another box full of jewels. Isn’t that genius? I think yes!


White Blazer / GAP White Burnout Tee / Flare Jeans (old/love this pair) / Black Pumps / DVF Cheetah Clutch (Sold out)/ Celine Sunglasses / Gorjana Geometric Drop Stud (c/o) / Jules Smith Micro Disc Necklace (c/o) / J.Crew Bracelet / Saftey Pin Ring / Catbird Rings / Dana Rebecca Lauren Joy Necklace 

Happy Weekend loves!

xox- a dash of details

photography by Merritt Beck



Intermix Dress_6 Intermix Dress Details_3 Hair Details_1 Intermix Details Intermix Dress_1 Hair Details_4 Intermix Dress Details_1 Clare Viver Clutch and Heels_1 Intermix Dress Details_4

“If there was ever a time to do it , to make a different in your life, to embark on something worth doing, it is not. Not for any grand cause, necessarily, but for something that tugs at your heart, something that’s your aspiration, something that’s your dream. You owe it to yourself to make your days here count. Have Fun. Dig Deep. Stretch your mind. Be determined and Dream Big.” – Anonymous

First off, I wanted to say THANK YOU for all the kind words, emails and texts about yesterdays post. Y’all sure know how to make a girl feel special.  I had such extreme anticipation for the announcement, not only because I was excited to start sharing our wedding more on the blog (since really this space is just an extension of my real life), but because I felt like it was a milestone in a long journey. I have been blogging for 5 years and yesterday was one of those moments that reminded myself why I love this space so much.

I have always had a flaw, we all have them, and sometimes they are there for a reason I may just not understand yet.  I find myself discounting small successes in my life, not necessarily putting myself down but at the same time, not completely enjoying the reward from my hard work.  I know most people are guilty of something like this, but today is the day I stop crushing my own dreams and just figure out a way to make them happen.  I hope you follow along for the ride.

On a side (lighter) note, did you know Intermix has an exclusive line where they work with some amazing designers to create pieces just for their stores? Maybe I have been living under a rock but this Brochu Walker X Intermix sweater dress has been in constant rotation in my closet. I have been wearing it non-stop with my New Balances during the day. I was browsing the site and found this tailored white vest and these FRAME exclusive boyfriend jeans that I need want to add to my closet.


Brouchu Walker x Intermix Sweater Dress (on sale!) / Clare Vivier Flat Clutch (a favorite, if you don’t already know) / Black Sandals (similar investment ones here) / Celine Sunglasses / Nail Bracelet (old/similar here) / BaubleBar Ice Bar Studs (c/o) / Catbird Rings / BaubleBar Baby Blues Bracelet (c/o) / Dana Rebecca Lauren Joy Necklace

xox- a dash of details

photography by Merritt Beck


New York Winter_4 New York Winter New York Winter_7 New York Winter_8 New York Winter_10 New York Winter_11 New York Winter_13 New York Winter_5 New York Winter_9_1

In honor of the cold front that just hit Dallas yesterday, I thought it was only right to share these pictures from our trip to New York a few weeks ago.  I know for my fellow midwesterners or east coast people, they cringe at me saying cold front (especially with temps only in the high 30’s, trust me I remember those -45 degree days in Ohio last year) but apparently my body has reverted back to my southwest roots.

The first day Patrick and I arrived in New York we ventured from SoHo where we stayed to the Upper East Side to pick up Patrick’s tuxedo for the wedding. I mean really, who doesn’t love a guy in a tuxedo. On our way we got a little sidetracked turned around when we got off on the subway so instead we started our day on the Upper West side right on the edge of the park.  It was only fitting that Patrick’s first New York moment was in Central Park.  It had been snowing earlier that morning so there was a gentle dusting on all of the trees. As we took in all of the beauty, we slowly strolled though the park, escaping the hustle and bustle of the city around us.

xox- a dash of details


ASOS Petite Coat with Contrast Collar / J.Crew Cable Sweater / Paige “Skyline” Black Jeans / Rag and Bone Newbury Boots/ Zara Black Blanket Scarf / Dana Rebecca Joy Necklace / Michele Watch / Celine Sunglasses


Tieks_1 Tieks_2 Tieks_11 Tieks_5 Tieks_12 Tieks_8 Tieks_14 Tieks_10 Tieks_15

These shoes are made for walking..

Ha. Just kidding, but seriously these Tieks are the most comfortable flats I have ever worn.  I know most people think when your petite, you should never wear flats (aka my momma who is also a little lady), but I have always followed my own rules when it comes to footwear.  Since I work in a very casual environment- just think: Lululemons and Nikes everyday, I am always in flats.

My friend Hallie always raves about her Tieks and how great they are so for living in New York. I can finally attest to how comfy these shoes really are and how they fold up and fit into a small purse. Genius! When I was in New York last week, I carried these babies with me everywhere.  I knew 5inch heels on cobblestone streets, in the West Village and add a few glasses of wine could turn into a complete disaster.  Needless to say, they were a lifesaver. Now that I am back in Dallas, I have been wearing these black leather ones with just about everything.

Also, I have been on such a jeans kick lately and I really cannot get enough of these new Frame ones. To add to my addiction, Piperlime is having 30% off all styles using the code GOODJEANS. You’re welcome :)


Black Leather Tiek Flats (c/o) / Zara Jeans (old- similar here) / Gap Fitted Boyfriend Oxford / Vince Sweater Coat (on sale!)/ Clare Vivier Clutch / Dana Rebecca Joy Necklace / Celine Sunglasses 

xox- a dash of details


TieksOutfit2_2_2 CoffeinSoho TieksOutfit2_5_1 TieksOutfit2_3 TieksOutfit2_10 CoffeeinSoho_2 TieksOutfit2_9_1

As I sat on the windowsill and looked out, I imagined a world full of possibilities.

Maybe it was the energy of New York that I found so exhilarating or just the thought of a new year, but in all of the stillness, as I sat there slowing drinking my coffee watching the cars go by, my mind was racing. I dreamt of my world, my goals, and where I wanted to see myself in those few quiet minutes that slowly turned into an hour.

For being someone who is always on the move, I tend to forget to enjoy those quiet (or what may seem to be forgettable) moments that may will change your life forever .  That slow morning in New York watching the snow fall outside my window changed my perspective.


Black Leather Flats (c/o-Tieks) / Black Cashmere Sweater / Skyline Skinny Jeans in Black / Dana Rebecca Joy Necklace / Diamond Initial Necklace / Michele Watch 

xox- a dash of details