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Style Details

Today is the last day of my 20’s. That sounds so strange and I am still having a few mixed feelings about this––99% of them being positive. I am actually looking forward to my 30s. Everyone keeps saying they are the best years of your life…but then again, people say that about your 20s, too! We weren’t planning on doing something big for my birthday this year, but in true Patrick nature he surprised me with a trip to wine country.  Napa/Sonoma have been on our list forever and he really outdid himself with the itinerary. Since this is our first time to wine country, I would love to hear any recommendations on must-see spots!

Ganni Top / Goop Blouse / Stripe Shorts / Dry Brush / Ariel Gordon Necklace / Sandals / Two Piece Set / Rag and Bone Tote / High Waisted White Jeans / Cashmere Sweater / Umbrella

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