I made it back last night after a wonderful nine days away (mostly from my computer) and my pups––oh, I missed them so much. Last week we went skiing in Vail, Colorado with some of our best friends and then I flew to Scottsdale for a quick weekend to celebrate one of my besties baby to be.  It is always so good to be back with my gals and the fam bam.  

1.Jo Malone Candle | 2. RMS Luminizer Quad | 3. Gold Hair Tie ( 50 % off today) | 4. Slippers | 5. Waffle Knit Sweatpants | 6. Slip Eye Mask | 7. Glass Straws | 8. Vintner’s Daughter Serum | 9. Fleece Pullover | 10. Ice Roller (what I got all my gals this year) | 11. Statement Earrings | 12. Ornament 


Every year my best gals get together for a little holiday party and gift exchange. It’s one of my favorite things about the holidays because I always love finding fun, unique gifts I know my gals will love.  Whether it’s a cute hair tie or hair accessories, glass straws, or an ice roller (this year’s gift), I try to surprise them with something they will use all year long.  

If you need more gift ideas…ADOD HOLIDAY

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Gift Guide Wish List


Gift Guide Wish List

Throughout the year I keep a running wish list of items that I dream of owning (some big, some small).  Around the holidays I  treat myself to one thing on my list that I had been lusting over all year long.

1. Heart Earrings | 2. Gucci Princeton Mules | 3. Glow Serum | 4. Cozy Sweater (under $100) | 5. Essential Oil Diffuser | 6. Blanket | 7. Silk PJs | 8. Dyson Hair Dryer | 9. Watch | 10. Sweater | 11. Golden Goose Sneakers | 12. Hunting Season Bag

I thought it would be fun to share my wish list to hopefully give you some ideas to add to list for Santa this year.

STATEMENT EARRINGS: I have had heart eyes on Rebecca de Ravenel earrings since she launched her famous le bons bons a few years ago. These statement hearts would be perfect for holiday parties.

ALL ABOUT OILS: I have to admit ever since Liz started posting about how essential oils changed her and her families lives, I have been completely hooked! I really want to get my own set and start playing around with the different mixtures! This diffuser would look pretty good in our kitchen if you ask me :)

IF YOU’VE BEEN REALLY GOOD: So I haven’t been this good this year, but I think you deserve a Cartier ;)

TIME SAVERS: So I really do love my T3 hair dryer, but this Dyson is really compelling. The fact that it dries your hair in about three minutes is super enticing.


xox- a dash of details

*If you are in need of a hostess gift, be sure to check out last week’s gift guide. 


Holiday Gift Guide for Her

Today’s the day, it’s officially the holidays at A Dash of Details headquarters.

No. 1 Kitten Heels

No. 2 Suitcase

No. 3 Dyson Hairdryer

No. 4 Fendi Peekaboo Bag 

No. 5 Velvet Blazer 

No. 6 Espadrilles

No. 7 Byredo Candle

No. 8 Coat

No. 9 Simon Miller Bag 

No. 10 Cashmere Sweater

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Cold weather means dry hands and lips, thankfully Bliss and Laura Mericer have me covered this winter season.  Also a pair of cozy, cashmere gloves don’t hurt either! 
I have been wearing this combo on repeat all week long. These boyfriend jeans are the best thing since sliced bread.  
Planning a few meals with the leftovers.  Thanks to new Lemonade LA cookbook, I have the perfect sandwhich receipe for the next day.  
I finally had a chance to organize all of my jewelry (quick note: I have never owned a real jewelry box). 

Ya’ll this weekend was so productive, which means that I have a ton to show you this week and next! I don’t know if its all of the Holiday pinning going on, the lights twinkling on our main street or the fact that I enjoyed my first Shiner Cheer of the season this weekend, but I am in full Holiday mode.  I guess it is perfect timing because every day this week I will be bringing you the perfect Gift Guides for everyone on your list.  Guys, there are so many things you will not want to miss, maybe even pick out a few things for yourself while you are at it!

Remember when I told you I actually enjoy the hustle and bustle at the mall during the Holidays? Well next week all the girls in my family will be venturing out for a little shopping (ladies, when I say a “little” shopping, I really mean A LOT of shopping) You know the kind where you barely stop for lunch.  I know most people would rather just make a one stop shop to the World Wide Web, so hopefully these Gift Guides will help you cross off everything on your list (and even a little more!) Stay tuned for the second guide coming your way soon! 

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Today I thought I would interrupt the Gift Guides for a little life update, here’s a look at our new place! Today marks the first week of living in the new house with the pups.  They are totally loving the fenced in backyard and their sheepskin rug. In the next couple months, I will be posting some of my fun DIY projects I am working on and room updates. Since we are starting from scratch (literally two beds and a couple chairs), I have a lot of work to do but instead of going to a big box store, we decided to take our time and invest in classic, great pieces. So this process may be slower than I would have originally liked, but it will be fun to watch the house progress into a home.  

Stay tuned this afternoon for a great Gift Guide that includes some of the best Stocking Stuffers- Hope you are on Santa’s good list.  

xox- a dash of details

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