This is going to be a great week! Not only did I decide on Friday to wake up with a new outlook on the new year, but my momma is coming to town. Insert: excited cheers! We are super close and while I love living in Dallas, I miss living near my family. I actually haven’t lived in the same state as them since I was eighteen (when I moved away for college) but the older I get the more envious I become of my friends that have parents around the block or at least in driving distance.  The idea of Sunday brunch, pop-ins, and spontaneous mani/pedi appointments sounds magical. While I can dream of all these lovely things, at this point, living close to my parents is out of the cards. For now, I will just enjoy our vacations and keep my fingers crossed for “one day”.


Everlane Sweater / Over the Knee Boots / White Jeans / Bubble Earrings / Purse / Watch 

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Happy Monday! I am back at home after one fun weekend in San Diego.  There is seriously nothing better than catching up with friends you have known your entire life (and a few new ones).  We had just as much fun late night dancing in the hotel room, as we did out at the bars. A few of the bridesmaids made these darling gift bags for everyone with custom cups, tank tops and the best bachelorette hangover kit (that was definitely needed on Sunday morning).

Today definitely called for a Suja juice cleanse, and first up is Glow (I will let you know the verdict).  I may even try to do a 3-day cleanse to detox from the amazing weekend, but we will see how today goes. How was your weekend?

ps. check back later today for some big news! 

xox- a dash of details 

Weekend Wardrobe- OU/ TX


Happy Monday! I have been a little MIA lately because I was in Dallas for a major girls weekend. Naturally we had a blast catching up, pretending like we were in college again, and telling stories for days.  

xox- a dash of details


Happy Monday


Wow! This weekend was a whirlwind and I wasn’t quite ready for Monday morning.  I ended up working most of the weekend but enjoyed some fun times with good friends.  We traveled down to the City Market Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning and picked up a few goodies that included fresh bread from Bloom Bakery and a mix of herbs to plant in our sunroom. For Cinco de Mayo, my roomie made some fabulous Sangria and nachos.  Overall it was a fabulous weekend that went by way to quick.  

I picked up this cute notebook at Target and some bright red lipstick from Laura Mercier

xox- a dash of details

photographs taken by a dash of details 

Sunday Snapshots

This weekend was filled with lots of laughs, great weather, Boulevard Wheat and good times. Here are a few snapshots from the weekend at the Plaza Art Fair. Happy Monday! 

xox- a dash of details

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