Happy, happy Monday. After spending the weekend in Austin with my fam, I am feeling refreshed, full, and ready for a great week ahead.

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Coffee and To-Do List

Life’s little details and musings as of late.

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Ali Schilling in Reformation Linen Dress

This past weekend was a total blur of fun, family and lots of baby giggles. Every year my dad’s side of the family tries to get together for a little reunion. This year my grandparents chose Park City, Utah.  I had never been to the cute mountain town.  We had so much fun walking around Old Downtown, going down the largest alpine slide, playing an intense game of whiffle ball (my grandma scored a run!) and spending time with some of my favorite people.


Reformation Dress/ Dôen Bag / Sandals / Sunglasses 

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Photo Mar 05, 9 36 27 AM

Lately I have been crushing on all things Spring. With Spring Break and Easter in the rear view mirror, I am onto spring cleaning.  Both a closet refresh and a reset on my health.  For the last year (post wedding) I haven’t been taking care of my body. I mean I have been eating pizza, chinese food and chips and queso on the reg.  Not okay- especially for a girl who is about to be 28.

Today, I started the Whole 30 challenge. I know it is not going to be an easy, but I am ready to try.  For the last few weeks I have been mentally preparing (guys, no wine for 30 days is going to be interesting…) for the program and today I was finally ready to start the challenge. You must know that I am not doing this program to lose weight, but instead to cleanse my body of all those things I shouldn’t be eating. I have been allergic to dairy since Junior year in high school and I never really accepted the terms until now. Let me know if you are interested and I will keep you updated on my progress.  Needless to say, this week may be a little rough.  After reading tons of blogs and articles, I will probably be going through a sugar and carb withdrawl around Day 3.  Yikes! Other than my update today, these past couple weeks I have been spending my days outside. Whether it be working, walking the pups and going for long jogs, I am trying to soak up this 70 and sunny weather for as long as possible.


You have seen me wear my favorite Heidi Merrick looks here, but her new collection is everything.  I think I am going to get this dress for a wedding this summer and I think it is time for another Drake Tee.  I seriously wear mine at least once a week (just ask Mackenzie!).


One of my favorite bloggers, Camille Styles is planning a cleanse.  I will be using some form of her recipes to get me through the next month.  It  is the perfect time to start getting ready for Summer (aka bikini season).  Be sure to follow the hashtag #camillestylescleanse next week.


Have you been into Forever21 lately?  I took a major hiatus from the store after college to invest in some timeless, high quality pieces.  That being said, lately I have been browsing online and I have to say, I have an ever growing wishlist of items under $30.  I picked up this top a few weeks ago (it was $18) and I have received so many compliments.  The quality is surprisingly great and the cost per wear is even better.  :) See a few of my must-haves:

Photo Mar 28, 1 31 26 PM

M.Gemi has been killing it lately.  I have had a gift card burning a whole in my pocket for months and I just can’t decide what color loafers I want.  I have been leaning towards this rose color, but it is so out of my comfort zone.  What color and style do you think I should get?

xox- a dash of details

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Do you ever wish you had a couple hundred elves helping you get through during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season?

This time of the year always seems to creep up faster and I am always feeling like I have to play catch up the week before Thanksgiving.  I have been furiously working on a special Gift Guide this year that I cannot wait to share. It was planned for today but I had a minor set back when my computer froze and I lost the entire document has put me a little behind-don’t you just hate when that happens…note to self: save, save, save.

This weekend I got into the Holiday spirit with a little Christmas card photoshoot for one of my newlywed besties, a stop into the Christmas pop-up shops at some of my favorite stores, and had drinks and laughs with a few friends by the fire at Savor.  You can feel that Holiday spirit all over town and it makes me so giddy.

The busy weekend definitely has me craving multiple cups of coffee and a warm blanket to work under today.

xox- a dash of details

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